Reminder: NRC Diablo Canyon relicensing public meeting Aug 5

Please remember that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is hosting two public meetings on August 5 in San Luis Obispo to provide an update on its review of Pacific Gas & Electric’s application to relicense the Diablo Canyon nuclear power station. That application was filed in November 2009.

Here are the meeting details from the NRC meeting schedule pages.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) received a license renewal application (LRA) from Pacific Gas and Electric Company, dated November 23, 2009, for the renewal of the operating licenses for Diablo Canyon Power Plant, Units 1 and 2. The purpose of these meetings is for the NRC staff to provide an update on the status of the license renewal process and to allow members of the public the opportunity to provide comments for consideration as part of the environmental review on issues that may have emerged since completion of the last scoping period in April 2010.
Meeting Dates and Times
7:00PM – 10:00PM

1:30PM – 4:30PM

Meeting Location
Courtyard by Marriott San Luis Obispo
1605 Calle Joaquin Road
San Luis Obispo CA

Michael Wentzel

Participation Level
Category 3
NRC Participants
Jane Marshall, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Yoira Diaz-Sanabria, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
James Danna, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Michael Wentzel, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

Docket Numbers – Facility Names
05000275 – Diablo Canyon 1
05000323 – Diablo Canyon 2
Related Documents
ML14364A259 – Diablo Canyon Units 1 and 2 – 10 CFR 54.21(b) Annual Update to the Diablo Canyon Power Plant License Renewal Application (LRA), Amendment 48 and LRA Appendix E, Applicant’s Environmental Report -Operating License Renewal Stage, Amendment 1.

ML15202A098 – Slides for the August 5, 2015 Diablo Canyon Power Plant License Renewal Application Public Scoping Meeting.

ML15057A102 – Update to the Diablo Canyon Power Plant License Renewal Application (LRA). Amendment 49 and LRA Appendix E. “Applicant’s Environmental Report- Operating License Renewal Stage.” Amendment 2.

ML15202A590 – 08/05/2015 Public Scoping Meetings for the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Units 1 and 2 License Renewal Application Environmental Review

Bridge Number: 8003691780
Passcode: 3729762

Diablo_Green_longSeveral members of Californians for Green Nuclear Power are planning to attend and provide comments. I’ve heard discussions about holding a pre-meeting rally to show support for the plant; if any details become available, I’ll update this post.

If you can attend in person, please do so. It is important to show the local media that there are numerous community members who recognize the important role that Diablo Canyon plays in providing clean, safe, reliable electricity to the CA central coast area.

Nuke Climate Change

What do you think of the early morning brainstorm above?

As we approach the 70th anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there are a number of opinion pieces being published that repeat the refrain that using The Bomb was unnecessary.

On the other hand, there are also some excellent treatises that provide historical justifications showing that the decision saved hundreds of thousands of lives and averted a great deal of needless suffering by enabling a quick, face-saving, unconditional surrender in response to overwhelming power.

It’s quite possible that my search techniques have provided me the wrong impression, but I’ve determined that the position that using The Bomb was the right decision is significantly more prevalent among thinking, writing Americans than the opinion that President Truman should have made a different choice.

Even though there is some debate about the remaining strength of the Japanese military in August 1945 and its ability to resist the building momentum of the Allied forces, most current commentary seems to recognize that the bushido code of Japanese warriors would not let them surrender. Forcefully demonstrating our ownership of a weapon powerful enough to destroy a city with a single blow gave them an out and prevented extensive bloodshed and starvation.

Aside: I am biased. My dad served in the Pacific as gyroscope repair technician in the US Navy on a repair ship named the USS Rigel. Without the use of The Bomb, my own history might have been substantially different. End Aside.

Americans seem predisposed to understanding that big problems can be solved with powerful tools. As a corollary notion, many assume that if the major promoters of a particular problem refuse to use the most capable solutions, the problem must not be as bad as they say it is.

The more cynical among us may also realize that some people profit more from continued treatments using weak and ineffective tools than from an effective solution that may eventually allow resources to be redirected to fighting other problems.

The bumper sticker slogan “NUKE Climate Change” is thus aimed at attracting attention, pointing out the optimistic fact that we may have already found a weapon powerful enough to end the “war”, and putting the opponents of nuclear energy who also claim that climate change is an existential battle on the defensive.

For those of you who believe it is wrong to tie nuclear energy development to the climate issue, I have other bumper sticker ideas with similar slogans. For example:

Feel free to disagree, but please provide a reasonably detailed justification for your opinion.

PS – One of the motivations for the above line of thinking is the coverage being given in advance of today’s planned release of the EPA’s final Clean Power Plan rule. Most media sources seem to believe it is all about “renewables like wind and solar” and ignore any possibility that it might include credit to states and companies that chose a more realistic nuclear solution.

Here is the take from CBS News.

Who said modular construction would save money on first of a kind units?

On July 27, 2015, the Wall St. Journal published an article written by Rebecca Smith titled Prefab Nuclear Plants Prove Just as Expensive. That piece has been widely shared and discussed on social media with more than 2700 shares on Facebook and more than 150 shares on Twitter as counted from the original article. I […]

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Nova’s “Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail”

On July 29, 2015, a week before the August 6 commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, PBS (Public Broadcast System in the US) aired a documentary titled Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail. Unlike many efforts on similar topics, this one is worth watching. More importantly, it is worth recommending […]

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Sierra Club member asks Executive Director Brune to support nuclear energy

A few days ago, a friend from Californians for Green Nuclear Power shared a letter he had written to Michael Brune, the Executive Director of the Sierra Club. He gave me permission to share his letter with Atomic Insights readers. My friend is a Sierra Club member because he agrees with many of its goals […]

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FOE continues promoting fossil fuel by trying to force Diablo Canyon closure

As a literature major during my undergraduate years, I was fascinated by the variety of stories that can be told about the same topic depending on the author’s selected point of view. Here is a brief example. Friends of the Earth (FOE) has a page on its web site titled Shutting down Diablo Canyon. The […]

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Diablo Canyon relicensing public meetings August 5, 2015

On November 23, 2009 — close to six years ago — the Pacific Gas and Electric Company filed a license renewal application for Diablo Canyon units 1 and 2. That renewal application continues its excruciatingly slow journey through obstacles that continue to be invented by people who are opposed to the use of nuclear energy. […]

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Why does ERCOT credit wind capacity at less than 9%?

For a number of years, the planners on the ERCOT (Texas) grid assumed that wind projects would provide less than 9% of their nameplate capacity towards meeting peak demand. That assumed number for “Effective Load-Carrying Capability” (ELCC) was based on the fact that wind production is not dependable and may be inversely correlated with demand, […]

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Hormesis is entering the mainstream

Even if you read nothing else today, please take the time to visit Environmental Toxicologist Hopes Hormesis Hypothesis May be Acknowledged by U.S. Regulatory Action. The story offers a renewing tale of the value of persistence in the pursuit of truth in the face of sometimes hostile opposition. It is a press release from the […]

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Teaching Nuclear Science to bright, open-minded, questioning teenagers

Some of you might have been missing irregular, but frequent, updates here on Atomic Insights for the past few weeks. You may have wondered why most comment threads have been closed. You may have even noticed that the Twitter tool in the right hand column didn’t include any new tweets for days on end. I […]

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Leukemia and lymphoma study recently published in Lancet being strong challenged by SARI

A recent study published in Lancet Haematology claims to show that even extremely low doses of radiation increase the risk of leukemia and lymphoma. The study includes several statistical flaws, ignores the effects of medical exposures — which are of similar levels to occupational exposures — that change dramatically over the duration of the study, […]

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