Atomic Show #315 - Doug Sandridge, Oil and Gas Executives for Nuclear Energy 1

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  1. Yet another good podcast from Mr. Adams.

    This came to mind.

    Sinclair Lewis’s quote, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it,” captures the complex dynamics that can occur within professional environments.

    I wouldn’t have thought nuclear power was much of a threat to the gigantic oil and gas industry and won’t be for at least a generation. Nor do I think your guest harbors any animosity towards the nuclear industry.

    However the American Petroleum Institute has been playing ads on my local Rock station vigorously lobbying against the government’s actions that encourage the purchase of electric cars. When I heard these ads, I chuckled. I figure the boys are scared already.

    Your guest noted that a small change in availability of a commodity can have a large change in price. I guess this organization also realizes that. The ads are not anti nuclear but nuclear plants can be the source charging those electric cars.

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