Atomic Show #314 - Economies of scale for micro, small, medium, large reactors - with James Krellenstein 1

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  1. Good talk.

    Nuclear seems to like to make itself “custom” rather than “standard.” This mindset may punish those who attempt to build new reactors.

    Not mentioned was the use of “off the shelf” components. This was stated as being one of the reasons for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) The idea is to use stuff similar or the same as what people are using now. Nuclear pipes, pumps, pressure vessels, etc. may be found to be very similar to equipment used in a different industry. Standard mass produced equipment is cheaper than custom made equipment.

    “Old” nuclear had the existing shops that built coal plant boilers. Much of this industry was able to transition to building nuclear equipment as orders were received. Coal plants are not being built, closing and being torn down. Craft workers are retiring and moving on. What industry fabricates similar equipment to nuclear reactors these days? Perhaps the petrochemical industry is an example. Rod mentioned military suppliers could fabricate similar equipment to what is needed for SMRs. Perhaps the wheel need only to be trued for SMRs and not reinvented.

    The idea was also not mentioned in that the customer for new reactors may not be a utility. There are industries that can use steam and/or large electrical energy. Perhaps this may be discussed in a future podcast. It would be supposed that an industrial customer would be needing a Small Modular Reactors than the large central station units.

    Thanks for the podcast.

  2. Where did you find this expert in a white tee with sharpie scribble? He looks like Zelenskyy.

    Umm hmm… we want to reduce dependence on “Russian” uranium, enrichment, etc., but have no qualms about buying Kazakh uranium, because, uh, “it’s not Russian”. The RF tends not to invade former SSRs that fall in line. Good for the global uranium market for saving face and giving Krellenstein something to “advise” GEH about, even though it is the utility customers of GNF that actually procure the uranium and services.

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