Atomic Show #274 - Thomas Jam Pedersen, Copenhagen Atomics 1

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  1. Thank you Rod and Thomas for this very informative discussion. I like Copenhagen Atomics’ approach; I have to go to their site and do my reading.

    I would have liked to hear about any research or conversations that CA has had with the possible users of “heat generators”, to see if there’s any sort of common features that would really promote the idea. (I have been using the term “heat batteries” by analogy with common alkaline batteries in their standard sizes, but the term’s already in use for simple thermal storage devices.)

    One thing I’d love to know is what range of power the reactor can be throttled over, and whether the specification should be for how many megawatt-years it can provide. I’ll see if there’s anything on the Copenhagen Atomics site.

    Thanks again.

    If the world’s nuclear regulators can agree that the reactor’s exclusion zone can be limited to the container, its shielding, and isolating heat exchanger(s), then engineers can design facilities very flexibly.

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