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  1. An entire career can come to pass waiting for the ‘right thing’ to occur (nuclear renaissance); instead, the cabal is building wind turbines and killing whales*. I’m 23 years into mine and I’ve had to scrape and scratch (job hop) to build what relevant skills I do have.

    The pipefitters and electricians in short supply will be trained on the job when it is actually go-time, and you will have to pay them a lot, like way back when Pierre Oneid “enjoyed the per diem and generous bonuses” at TMI. This will be in conflict with the spreadsheet assumptions for overnight cost and LCOE the marketing sphere broadcasts. The $60/hr line item for pipefitter (less than a Pep Boys shop hour) will become $250/hr long after they revise their material estimates like NuScale did in January 2023. The problem seems in related to the simultaneous under and over-valuation of the US dollar – these laborers (pipe fitters, electricians, and engineers) likely make $20k/year in Russia while I pay half that much in property tax to fund the major employer in my township (i.e. the township itself)**.

    Since the US economy is POWERED by a government spending/printing loop (DO… CONTINUE in fortran speak), yet there is desire to maintain the charade of ‘market economy’, I suggest the ‘right thing’ would be for the federal government to begin building 10 P/BWRs this year, with 50 more to follow in the coming years, and sell them off to utilities (turn-key) when complete with a fixed cost $10B***.
    *I personally believe Satan has manifested in the leadership of the US bureaucracy. As a graduate-level educated person, how I understand this is: “Satan is real.”

    **Is the USA a Ponzi scheme or is it a snake eating its tail?

    ***The US government gave my household over $8000 in 2020/2021, while I had a job, for ‘COVID stimulus’. I believe we bought several luxury handbags and other things we didn’t need.

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