1. thanks Rod, this is the most insightful interview IMO, and the interviews re all great and better 🙂

    Lets vote for more representatives as Chuck DeVore!

  2. DeVore certainly has a very impressive and realistic understanding of energy issues, across the whole spectrum of different energy sources – the more representatives like him, the better.

    By the way, the new jingle/song by Geoff Smith is fantastic 🙂

  3. I’m listening to the show right now.

    You should really check your audio before you stream it. I can hear you breathing whenever Chuck is talking.

  4. Ray:

    Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, I did not notice the breathing until after the recording was completed. Any suggestions on how to remove it? My recording software puts both inputs on the same track, so it is quite a challenge for me to figure out how to get out that heavy breathing.

    Next time I’ll try to remember to reposition my microphone and use my mute button.

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