1. “As Svinicki pointed out, with errors that large in cost projections, it is virtually certain that some enacted regulations would not have been passed due to insufficient benefits to justify the expense.”
    It is virtually certain all plants were licensed on the basis of acceptable risk, using quantitative criteria, after a DBA Accident Analysis was performed. The NRC staff is moving the goal posts of acceptable risk, to them, to beyond DBAs. Almost always in response to the magnitude of a Media Event, not the actual technical problem. Who’s letting them do it?
    The Design Basis of the Japanese plants is beyond the design basis of the US plants. We have no sites with 6 plants, built on a volcanic location, subject to extreme quakes and tsunamis, built on the beach. And we never will.
    It’s virtually certain to me, based on an original acceptable risk, this expense can’t be justified.

  2. What a difference an election makes! Should nuclear power be a partisan issue? NO! Have Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Henry Waxman, Harry Reid, Ed Markey, Barbara Boxer, Andy Cuomo and his father Mario, and all the rest made it a partisan issue? You bet!

    All this talk that Republican support oil and coal and gas, and Republican distrust of the theory of anthropogenic global warming makes them nuclear’s enemy is demonstrably untrue. Republicans support cheap energy regardless of source. Democrats constrict energy supply by making fossil too expensive through carbon pollution control measures and at the same time do whatever they can to obstruct nuclear power. This isn’t true for every politician, either Republican or Democrat, but just looking at how civil the newly elected Congress people are towards the NRC versus the nasty, divisive, intolerant, condemning attitude of the previous one convinces me that the nation made a right decision in November of 2016.

    Yes, I know this comment won’t be popular here because it doesn’t agree with the established narrative here at AI, but that’s what anyone who watches the video, comparing it with videos from Barbara Boxer’s domination can clearly see.

    Again, for the record, I am NOT a GOP Party member. I joined the Constitution Party because I am sick and tired of Democratic immorality and GOP hypocrisy. And I support nuclear power 100% and I have been a nuclear professional for greater than 30 years.

    1. Loannes…..

      If its hypocrisy that offends you, you might consider, (prior to lamenting partisanship), the rabidly partisan commentary you offer here consistently. Your shoe-horning of “the left”, (liberals, democrats), into one neat little box of full of antis and sinners is partisan to the extreme.

  3. My personal opinion is that the NRC missed out on an opportunity to educate Sen. Feinstein on the risks of continued pad storage. If they would have told her how these casks have been dropped, smashed, and all of the other tests, they they might have made her understand why they came to the waste confidence conclusion.

  4. Thanks Rod for the posting. I did enjoy Lamar’s questions and statements. I’ll be sure to spread this post around on Youtube…like so many of your other, most excellent articles.

  5. Very useful discussion. I’ll ask our Sen. Feinstein to reconsider her ‘worries’ over used fuel storage.

  6. Lamar is a breath of fresh air. It was clear that Lamar pretty much knew the answers to his own questions but being the fine politician he is he knew what questions would let everyone watching gain a positive feeling about nuclear energy.

    1. Its almost like he knew someone such as Rod would make sure the footage received a wide audience. He made damn sure all the key, authoritative answers to the spent fuel questions were clearly provided. This is a valuable service given the sort of slick, well-funded anti-nuclear reiteration we are sadly still seeing.

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