1. Thank you for speaking out for my school. You’ve summarized the situation perfectly, with one exception: “lovely” doesn’t even begin to describe our breathtaking campus. (Under the circumstances, I’ll let that slide.) Thanks again.

    1. @Devon

      In my defense, I have only seen your school in early March. I’m told that the “breathtaking” season is coming soon.

    1. Oh, and the mom to a daughter who wants to be a nuclear engineering major, Class of 2023!!

    2. @Laura

      Thank you for commenting. Please feel free to contact me directly if you hear of any ways that I can help you and your sisters save your school. I have an inkling how important it must be to you based on my own college experience.

  2. I am so proud to be a part of this community of bright, empowered, passionate women. There is not a snowball’s chance that we are a part of a dying breed.

  3. Good lecture! So glad you mentioned the environmentist’s turnabout on nukes via Fukushima, but I only wish that you pressed the comparative industrial norm operation/accident mortality rate across and outside the energy field more because it’s a very surprising figure to most! A petty nitpick issue nowadays I know, and I know being engineering students gives them a pass, but it’d been nice had those few who kept breaking for pizza and shuffling chairs been a lot more courteous and not witlessly disrespected the speaker so and stayed put, especially in a southern school. You sure couldn’t get away with that during my Queens College seminars! Off soapbox.
    Hope you get more lecture requests elsewhere!

    James Greenidge

    1. @James Greenidge

      Thank you for the kind words.

      With regard to your “petty nitpick” this presentation was schedule for noon, during the lunch hour. Pizza and sodas are part of the deal. I could have waited until they all had a chance to get their meal, but then I would have had less time to talk and answer questions.

      “Brown box” lunches are a great way to fit in enriching talks on college campuses. There was NO disrespect intended or taken.

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