1. How did you get the impression the young people on any of the “projects”/companies were necessarily teamed with older people of any profession?

    1. Because I know the teams and the people involved. We’ve met at conferences on a number of occasions, communicated via email, Twitter and telephone.

  2. Today is Nov 30. This post did not show in my look at Atomic Insights last night or the night before.

    1. @David

      I’m not sure what might have happened; I posted it early Monday morning and received a couple of comments from people who also saw it then.

  3. On a NPR roundtable last Friday, there was ironically one cheery face about the election declaring that “Trump is acid-high on clean coal, so once its bugs are licked we can all finally say Bye-Bye nukes!” and she cited a long list of states and municipalities holding off any nuclear power development till that occurs. Top driver here is Mobil-Exxon. Like the woman said, when coal and gas start to run out in 500 years maybe we’ll “risk” trying nuclear again if we hadn’t already developed something else “way safer”. I fear they’re 100% correct since the nuclear community still doesn’t know the meaning of promoting itself.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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