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  1. It’s a blatant Left-wing site. I noticed that Soros (red flag!) is a donor and they don’t allow comments.

    I’ll bet they are very concerned about clmate change.

  2. I don’t think the public puts enough emphasis on the fact that nuclear power is an emission free power source and provides an alternative to natural gas. I do not believe “renewables” to be a true alternative. There is only one atmosphere shared by us all.

    The following is an example of this from the Akron Beacon:

    “FirstEnergy Corp. is closing down its three nuclear power plants in the next three years.

    That includes the Perry Nuclear Power Plant and Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, both in Ohio, and Beaver Valley Power Station in Pennsylvania.

    The Akron company’s power plant subsidiaries FirstEnergy Solutions and the FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. informed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Wednesday.”

    1. @Eino

      I don’t think there are enough credible and well resourced sources actively trying to help the public understand the value of nuclear energy in supplying reliable, clean electricity.

      Owners of the operating plants have apparently decided that they profit more by closing the plants, eliminating the headaches and the people associated with continued operations and using other sources of power. Some of their improved profits will come from tighter markets and more frequent periods of higher prices.

      Key is locating the people who are both willing to tell the story and are motivated to financially support the investment needed to spread it widely.

      Investing in that search is one of the reasons I have not been posting as frequently here as usual.

      1. Just read your older posts on the NS Savannah which lead me to this post. As a former nuclear reactor operator on Savannah, and designer of nuclear support systems with GE, and nuclear power plant engineer through the tumultuous times in the late 70’s and early 80’s of plant deferrals and cancellations, I think the anti-nuclear lobby remnants that exist in the public and in government today will offer formidable opposition. From a technical point of view, the most glaring problem is the lack of decision on a nation wide-nuclear waste deposition and handling facility. As long as each power plant site has to handle its own nuclear waste, I believe plans for expansion of nuclear power will economically fail.

  3. Rod,
    Don’t feel badly about this. I think there’s some really deep maneuvering going on. In such a case, “fact checking” sometimes becomes “investigative reporting.” In other words, fact checking becomes difficult and takes time.
    Also, I admire the fact that you wrote this as soon as you realized a possible mistake. I have seen other pro-nuclear bloggers do this also. We are an honorable bunch!

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