1. They say that a specific culture has words of its own to describe the environment in which it lives. In Québec for example we have many words for snow. All sorts of f*****g snow. In Japan, they have the word Tsunami which is used the world over to describe the events that we know to occur in the Pacific Ocean.

    With the phase out in Japan, this country will sadly witness voluntary deindustrialization. But I think they have a word for it already. Hara-kiri.

    I think shutting down perfectly safe nuclear power plants all over the world is a form of modern & collective Hara-kiri. A voluntary and sad end of affairs describing a social disease where the uninformed lead the masses into doom.

    Are we sick to our stomach ?

    Charles Mackay could add a terrific chapter to his book : Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

  2. According to your list, Rod, one of my old acquaintances from college who I’d lost contact with has apparently turned into an anti-nuclear activist.

    But, I suppose, not unexpected given the hysterical atmosphere towards anything nuclear from where I once was from. Sad that people whom I once was friendly with, and whom presumably support science and technology and science- and reason-based policy in other areas go off and oppose nuclear energy.

    Just another case of ideology and adherence to the party line disabling cognition, reason, and rational thought…sort of like a herd of lemmings following one another over the cliff. Depressing.

  3. Dave S. If one of your college friends is one of the people we are debating on Tuesday a.m. (Daley and Napolitano), could you email me at mjangwin at gmail and tell me a little about him? I have found little trace on the web about these two people, so would like to know more.

  4. Maybe the participants in these events could report how these events went. I, and probably others, have an absurdly demanding “day” (and night and weekend) job, but would still be very curious to learn how these debates/opportunities to raise facts turn out.

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