1. On the bolgger profile, Caroline says she “bleeds crimson and cream”, which puzzled me greatly. That turns out to mean that she’s a big fan of the University of Oklahoma football team. At first glance I thought she meant something else….

    Since a public blog goes worldwide, this shows the danger in using a local idiom that only has meaning for a small fraction of the world’s blog surfers. And you’re right, Rod; her picture does go against stereotypes.

  2. Ron,

    What an honor that you found our blog and enjoyed our posts. I remember meeting you at an ANS conference a few years ago and have always looked up to your blog as the premiere example for communication on nuclear energy. Thank you for the post. You might enjoy the most recent post which basically says there is no Kyoto agreement without nuclear power- even with 10% conservation, Japan has almost 30% more CO2 and other emissions in the last year since beginning the nuclear shutdown which will complete in early May.

    And as for the aside- maybe it would help readership if I switch the profile pic periodically with my different modeling shots? 😉 just kidding.

    @Andrew- I thought bleeding school colors is a common idiom, but maybe it is a southern thing! Either way, good point and I just took it out. Even the half-joke title of the blog proves an interesting translation (for instance on some finnish sites that have been recently linking to the blog) but it does make people on both sides of the conversation do a double take.

    Best regards,

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