1. We’re in a sad state when the NRC becomes political. Until recently I doubt many people even thought about whether a commissioner were a Democrat or a Republican. Of course it’s hard to yell hurrah to a person like Senator McConnell (who is supporting Svinicki), who has engaged in the most destructive political obstructionism I’ve ever seen.

  2. Reid was responsible for holding hostage over 50 Bush appointments until he got his man Jaczko onto the Commission in 2005. Then, within months of his inauguration, Obama elevated him to Chair.

    Obama can say or do anything he wants to sound reasonable, knowing Harry has the unilateral power to squash Svinicki’s confirmation like a bug; the same way he has single-handedly and unconstitutionally blocked implementation of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982, despite it being the law of the land.

      1. Like any good nuke I erred on the conservative side. This recent article says the number was 175!


        It’s amazing that Bush held out for so long.

        And if doing prior work on Yucca-related issues is a disqualification for serving on the Commission, as Boxer seems to want, then Dr. J himself is contaminated with this sin.

  3. So Ionnes I assume by your comment that you are supporting Gregory Jaczko against Ms. Svinicki’s re-appointment?!

    I thought you were pro-nuclear??

    See http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2012/0420/War-on-women-rhetoric-turns-nuclear-power-spat-radioactive

    for the context of my comment.

    I think in this political climate, Mme. Curie herself would be labeled a ‘militant lesbian.’ Remember that her daughter Irene WAS indeed a member of the French _Parti Communiste_.

  4. @Rod, in the second paragraph you mistakenly call Commissioner Svinicki “Karen” when her first name is Kristine.

    @SteveK9: The Commission has always been and will always be political; that’s the nature of the beast when the Commission is set up as it is. I will agree that this particular Chairman has taken his political viewpoints much farther than most.

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