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  1. “He believes it is insane to have a system where just 17% of the teachers in the state can afford to buy a house near their schools. ” And just yesterday I read that San Francisco is seriously considering building “Dormitories” for the silicon valley Technical workers to ease the home prices for SF hotel and restaurant workers. Looks like Orwell’s 1984 has finally arrived.

  2. gifts of a a “dynamic, diverse, progressive population”

    LOL you should write for the NY Times.

    Time for California to split into multiple states. Most of the state is predominantly conservative outside LA and San Francisco. Maybe we can carve out Diablo Canyon into one of those. Leave the others to bask in their dynamic, diverse, progressive, and homeless (due to failed policies and commitment to keeping a permanent underclass) population.

  3. I hope I am able to sell my house and get the hell out of CA before he gets his hands on Prop. 13.

    This state is going to have to undergo a hard failure before there is any chance of sanity being restored. Between the coming public employee pension bailouts, Brown’s bullet train to nowhere and the red carpet for illegal aliens from the third world, it won’t be long.

    1. FermiAged, I couldn’t agree more. One has to wonder if those in charge are deliberately attempting to sabotage the state…and country.

      1. The same self-destructive policies are pursued in numerous western nations regardless of the political party in power. The policies are characterized by hostility towards western values such as free speech, logic and personal indepedence (particularly through restrictions on energy development). This is no accident.

  4. Michael running is an opportunity whether he wins or loses because he will be advocating for nuclear energy. I think the rest of us supporters of nuclear need to donate to Michael to help get him more into the spotlight. For example to help him join the debates. He will be promoting the same values we want for the whole country. Any success he has will have positive effect outside the state as well. Even outside the country.

  5. He’d be even more courageous if he campaigned for the scarcity value of all resources supplied for free by nature/God to be collected and paid as a citizens dividend.

    Not only would this rebate in full to producers, like teachers, that part of expenditure on immovable property that currently makes it unaffordable, but would also allow the market to optimally allocate existing and future developments.

    Resulting in affordable housing, compact, attractive cities and more space at the margin left for wildlife.

    But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I suppose repealing Prop 13 is about as good as we can expect from a politician.

  6. I will be voting for M. Shellenberger in June. I do not expect him to win.

    It would be great if he can make the other candidates speak honestly about the current energy policy in the state.

    I do find it odd that even the folks at the Rocky Mountain Institute note that the military will be using nuclear to power their ships. But it’s to expensive for the rest of us. Only if you don’t count it’s co2 free output like we (CA) count it for RE!

    It would be great if folks would leave a few comments over at this post by Kunstler- http://kunstler.com/podcast/kunstlercast-302-yakking-chris-nelder-energy-transition/

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