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  1. A fear precious to the antinuclear community is that reactors are not compatible with earthquakes. However, reactor plants are designed to survive such shocks, encased in and on masses of reinforced concrete. Yet they continue to predict that a Fukushima-sized earthquake would break a nuclear reactor open and pulverise its fearsome contents into the sky and over the city. However that proposition was thoroughly tested by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake of magnitude 9.1. Every single one of Japan’s nuclear reactors survived the earthquake intact. Seeing as the magnitude was higher than the highest expected by the designers, their margin of safety was solidly proven.

    Sure, cracks developed in basements in at least one reactor pad, letting groundwater in and complicating the response to the separate disaster of the tsunami. But that is not sufficient reason to avoid building earthquake-resistant concrete in California, not even if it contains a nuclear reactor.

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