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  1. Cory Booker is very popular in NJ and being from Newark he is personally familiar with the problems of air and water pollution. Overall he is a decent fellow. While I disagree with him on some issues, he is pretty smart on nuclear energy and the role it can play and so I support his stance in that area.

  2. Thank you Senator Booker. Reduction air polution and promotion of global innovation are two worhty goals for our nation. Your call for a timely NRC approval process for new generation technologies is a good starting place. Our regulators also need abandon the linear-no- threshold model for regulating human exposure to radiation. We need to recongnize the findings of numerous studies in modern biology that show low dose radation is not to be harmful, but rather is helpful to health. It promotes longevity by stimulating the immune system in a variety of ways to protect us from cancer and other diseases..

  3. Carol Browner, Clinton’s EPA chief for 8 years, is now a prominent DP voice in favor of nuclear power. The bipartisan bill of Idaho Sen. Crapo to reform and speed up the NRC’s approval process for innovative reactor designs just passed. I think the nuclear thaw is real. In part, they are responding to the problem of climate change. In large part, it probably has not escaped notice that Russia and China are signing contracts to build reactors in dozens of countries around the world. Getting beat economically is one thing; getting elbowed out of geopolitical influence worldwide is a WAKE UP moment for US politicians, think tanks, and their corporate backers. Nota Bene: Xi Jinping is trying to be nice to The Philippines, where China’s openly imperialist expansion into the S. China Sea is causing major unhappiness. Could some of China’s (two different) floating nuclear plants, designed in part to service islands, be part of Xi’s peace offering? And could The Philippines (ex. US colony/neo-colony) afford to refuse a good deal?

    1. Manila could buy plants (or just power) from the Russians instead.  Perhaps that should be the Akademic Lomonosov’s first port of call.

    2. Like the Westinghouse Nuclear Power Plant built in the 80’s on the Bataan Peninsula? , Ready for fuel-load and prevented from loading fuel or starting up because of bribery/political squabbling. Even certifies by IAEA but they decided to make it into a “Tourist attraction.”

  4. This is good news. I’m sure regular followers of Rod Adams know he has been saying/writing for years the answer to the US nuclear future lies within the US energy policy makers. And the past policy makers may have been listening to the wrong inputs for the wrong reasons. So this is indeed good news. And thank you Rod for your persistent efforts. Conferences like this indicate some people are hearing your message, and more important actually taking action in the right direction.

  5. From Tracking the Heat:

    “…radioactive decay supplies only about half the Earth’s heat …all the heat from radioactive decay comes from the crust and mantle – about eight terawatts from uranium 238, another eight terawatts from thorium 232, and four terawatts from potassium 40.”

    The half life of 238-U is about the age of this planet. That of Thorium exceeds the age of Known Space. Nuclear fission energy is renewable in exactly the same sense as is geothermal. Nothing more, nothing less.

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