1. Man, that sucks that Shane’s leaving. He has a vast mind that he is able to concentrate into a laserbeam. Great show though-as always.

  2. I’ve not listened yet, but thanks Shane. I’ve just recently finished all of the ‘casts. Drop by 1090 some time to see our lab if you like.

  3. Hi there Rod,

    Just thought i would drop you a line to tell you well done for the Job you did talking with Cameron R this week. It was nice to hear a rational arguement for the existance of god. Im afraid that I get far too emotive when talking with people like Cam about the existance of god, and theres the trap. If you cant form an arguement based purely on reason, if you start to get emotive about it as I do then you only come off looking like some sort of right wing religious nutbag.

    I especially liked the bit about the neutrino’s. The particles that no one has ever seen but people know they exist because their existance explains why other things happen. I think that got Cam on the back foot as after that point he seemed to talk over he top of you a lot more than he previously did. Getting emotive can only detract from your arguement if you are trying to argue against the existance of god from a purely rationalist perspective. It simply doesnt make sense (least not in my primative ape brain anyways)

    Good Job Mate


  4. Thank you, Shane, for your efforts to educate the rest of us – on a variety of topics. I only recently, within the past couple of months, discovered The Atomic Show but I diligently listened to every episode to get caught up. Good luck with the change in your life that is leading you away from the podcast.

    Rod, I am looking forward to your conversation with NNadir. I have also recently discovered his diaries and enjoy their content.

  5. Like Brad above I’ve only been listening to the Atomic Show for a few months. I think the chemistry between Rod and Shane is similiart to the dialectical interplay between nutrons and Thorium which decay into more useful fissile products like Pu and U233. Thus, the two you of you sythized something far greater than the two of you could of seperatly. We will all miss Shane’s demeoner and hopefully he will make a guest appearance now and again.

    David Walters


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