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  1. These three shows were awesome. Thanks to you and Mr. Haroldsen for this bit of very significant history. Changed the world, it did,.

  2. Thanks for these shows. They remind me I really should get more from my father about his work at Chalk River in the 1950s. He has mentioned what he saw of the NRX incident.

  3. Jim and Reese:

    Glad you enjoyed the Ray Haroldsen interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Ray – I love getting the story directly from people who were there. Too often our histories focus on just the “leaders” or decision makers. Sometimes the perspective that those people bring has too many filters to be very interesting or truthful.

    Jim – I would love to talk with your dad. Do you think he would be interested in sharing his experiences? The Chalk River NRX incident had a long term influence on the development of nuclear power in the United States.

    The effort by the US Navy nuclear reactor program to assist in the clean-up was, after all, one of the very few times that Jimmy Carter had any real exposure to information about nuclear energy outside of a nuclear power school classroom. From what I can gather, he spent a little time in anti-C’s and that made a lasting impression on him.

  4. Great shows. Thanks to Ray for taking the time to share his stories. It is good to record these stories while we can. I will be happy if you two do 10-20 shows.

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