Atomic Show #227 - Carmen Bigles, Coqui Radiopharmaceuticals 1


  1. We Australian advocates are obviously proud of our research reactor. I’m looking forward to seeing the supply of this crucial “workhorse isotope” (great term!) increase in an unfolding environment of healthy competition as our own output is set to ramp up substantially.

    1. @Oscar Archer

      Due to the lengthy trip required by even the fastest airliners between your home and mine, I see little competition between us in Mo-99/Tc-99.

      The material has such a short half-life that production facilities on opposite sides of the globe suffer too much decay during the transit time to directly compete with each other.

      I see far more opportunity for cooperation vice competition in this case.

      1. I’m not sure that ANSTO (the owners of the OPAL reactor in Australia) wouldn’t see this as competition. Today they put out a news release highlighting the Mo-99 that gets shipped from Australia to the USA, and ANSTO would love to increase exports in the future. Given how quickly the global market for radiopharmaceuticals is growing I think that there is plenty of space for many suppliers around the world though.

      2. This looks like a great excuse to develop ballistic cargo rockets. 🙂

        The stuff that’s being done in amateur high power rocketry is astounding at times.

  2. It is a very exciting project. I hope it works out well for them. It will certainly be wonderful for the community.

  3. This is indeed an exciting project and clearly has a high probability of success from a technical perspective as it is based upon existing proven technology. My understanding is that the project is based upon the construction of 2 reactors and a processing facility which is an excellent strategy from a security of supply perspective but my guess is that it will be extremely costly and construction time will be long (>5yrs).

    As a matter of interest Mo-99 from NTP in South Africa, IRE in Belgium and Ansto in Australia is shipped to the USA on a weekly basis and during the annual Canadian NRU outage a significant portion of the USA demand is supplied by these 3 companies.

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