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  1. Rod,

    Thanks for the update, I too haven’t been able to follow events in Japan as closely as I would like. I look forward to reading the preliminary IAEA report. Could you explain why TEPCO, or any other operator, would have an interest in not reporting precise dosimetry data?

    Does anyone have any update information on the two injured TEPCO workers who suffered beta burns to their feet as contaminated water overtopped their boots? At the time of the incident there were varying media reports as to the severity of their injury and I was wondering if they had been discharged from hospital yet.

    It is inconceivable to me that Japan could actually phase out its reactors. Even before the T?hoku or “Great East Japan Earthquake” Japan’s electric sector was severely stressed and the loss of the two Fukushima NPPs will cut a significant percentage off the nation’s GDP. Germany and Switzerland, in the unlikely event they actually shutter their LWRs, could simply import more electricity from France and natural gas from Russia but Japan has no good option; an island grid they lack coal and gas and are completely unsuitable for wind and solar. Perhaps they’ll just await Gen IV and this crisis may stimulate developments in that direction.

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