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  1. Rod – I just wanted to stop and take a moment of your time, and say thank you for your encouragement and for taking the time to make this show. The last podcast was quite personally moving to me as I am a 33 year old man that just kind of happened into a job because I needed one, and never really thought I was any better than that. After listening to your show for the past 2 years, and with the pre-existing goal of moving my family to South Texas, last week I signed up for school with the intent of going to work for STP. Combing my goals of re-investing in myself and re-locating into the only safe clean and renewable industry I am aware of, which could also provide for the long term goal of taking care of my family, in a stable environment.



  2. Jacob – Glad you enjoy the show. Thank you very much for your kind and motivating words. Good luck with school – study hard and keep dedicated to the task at hand. It will pay good dividends over a long period of time.

  3. Dear Mr. Adams,

    I’m a power engineering college student in Bucharest, Romania. I’m listen your podcast for about a year and I’m sorry to hear that lately you don’t get enough time and motivation to continue this great show.

    Thank you for everything you done for us so far.


  4. Daniel:

    Thank you for the kind comment. It has certainly been a stretch in recent months to get a regular show out, but there are plans in the pipeline for more. The motivation is there, but the time has been lacking.

    I hope to have some new episodes up within the week. In fact, there may even be more than usual for a little while.

  5. Hey, Rod, sorry I haven’t posted this before now… but I really miss the show! You do a great job and I love it when I look at bloglines and see that I have a new show from you waiting for me. Looking forward to the new episodes. BTW: if therer’s any new news on the micro-nukes, such as Hyperion, the guys up in Oregon, the LFTR, etc. I’d love to hear about hows they’re doing.

    Take care, and thanks for all your work promoting nuclear power and dispelling the myths that are promulgated by the forces of evil ;-).

    P.S. It looks like John Wheeler over at This Week in Nuclear is gearing up for more podcasts soon as well – a wonderful world of nuclear news and insight – can’t wait!

  6. I’d love to – but apparently you have to install the iTunes software to leave comments? I don’t like Apple software – it doesn’t seem to like like Bill Gates’ operating system. 🙁

  7. Patrick – sorry about that. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to endorse the Atomic Show and to share the link with friends so that they can become listeners.

    (I am a long time Apple user by choice and an MS user by mandate. Each has their quirks and do not always play nicely together.)

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