1. I think it would be wise to quote Nnadir when he says that a nuclear reactor is a gift to humanity for 100 years.

    But who is listening.

    People confuse the amortization period of the initial build with life of the asset.

  2. Japan has a new NRA in place. Then a new nuclear reprocessing plant on its way in a couple of weeks.

    So the reactors are coming back. It is a no brainer.

    Now Germany. They have been going 180s a couple of times already on nuclear. You can watch a the electoral results come september and do no be surprised if Angela switches allegances again.

    England. EDF is about to land the reactors in a week or two. The strike price issue is on its way to being resolved with the government.

    If only Rod could get these SMRs running !

  3. I watched the video. I liked seeing the names of the congress people that the NA-YGN members spoke about issues. Would be interesting to know what were those issues.

  4. Good Show! To anyone in the know; If there’s a way to monitor the Congressional response and feedback from this worthwhile and noble effort please publicize it, along with a hard tally of certified pro-nuclear pols. Be nice to know the strength of the anti-Boxer opposition. I hope the NA-YGN takes a go at producing _adult_ educational pro-nuclear TV/Web Ads and PSAs and getting the media to know that they’re available as nuclear consultants besides Doc Kaku.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  5. I found this page on the NAYGN website where I added a comment which is under moderation. I wrote…

    “I recently watched a video on Youtube that was titled “NAYGN Hill Day 2013″ In this video a number of NAYGN members mention the various congress people with whom they spoke. They mention that they discussed issues. I would be very interested to hear what those issues were. I am curious to know what kinds of topics are permitted. I am curious as a blogger and pro-nuclear advocate.

    We have the same goals. I wish to spread awareness about the value of nuclear energy and what can be done to make nuclear energy’s acceptance more widespread. As a blogger I often point out the problems with over-regulation and the unsatisfactory efforts by the nuclear energy stakeholders at promoting the industry. I also frequently explain that “an all of the above” energy policy is wasteful and “politically safe.” I would like to see more support for Small Modular Reactors and more R & D in North America in Molten Salt Reactors.

    Pandora’s Promise is a new documentary which I encourage NAYGN members to support and spread the word about it’s message. This film interviews people who have had a change of heart. Those who were once anti-nuclear are now pro-nuclear. Many of the myths about Nuclear Energy are debunked and does a good job explaing how nuclear energy can provide a path to reducing climate change.

    Thanks Rick Maltese malteserick@gmail.com

  6. Ah … I remember participating in Hill Day. It’s really nice that they do it in May, because they have to walk there, and the weather in May is usually really nice.

    I remember going to visit aids for Senator Lindsey Graham and some Democratic Congressman from Northern Virginia (the name of whom I cannot remember exactly — it was probably Jim Moran). Graham’s aid was pretty good. I was impressed. He was sharp, well informed, and could focus on and discuss what we had to say.

    The Congressman’s aid, on the other hand, was quite a disappointment. As if to gratuitously reinforce the liberal stereotype, the guy had a ponytail. Furthermore, he could not have been more out-to-lunch when it came to energy policy. It was quite a contrast.

  7. How can any of you be pro-nuclear when technology does not exist to safely operate or store spent fuel, yes dry casks leak. Nuclear is destroying our planet look at the Pacific Ocean or Hanford this madness must stop now we don’t need nuclear we have plenty of truly green and clean alternatives i.e. wind, solar, tidal. Please for future generations stop this madness NOW. Thank you for your time concerning this dire matter.

  8. look at the Pacific Ocean

    OMG, she’s right! There’s over 200 billion curies worth of radioactive material in the Pacific Ocean!! Oh the horror!!!

    Oh wait … that’s all there naturally. Never mind.

    Michelle – A good, basic science course would do you wonders. Since you seem to be fixated on “nuclear,” I’d recommend an entry level physics course. The only thing that is “dire” is your need for a decent introduction to scientific fundamentals.

    For the sake of reasonable discourse without nonsense and hyperbole, please stop your madness now. Thank you.

  9. There might not be much nuclear material in the Pacific Ocean but there is all that plastic in the Pacific ocean “gyre”. Where does all that plastic come from? Well a lot of it has the Fisher-Price and Little Tykes labels. Yes, all you fathers on here who insist on having kids and having your front yard furnished by Playskool are making the ocean full of plastic. If not for all those kids, the ocean would be a lot cleaner.

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