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Paul Wilson & Bret Bennington vs Arnie Gundersen & Heidi Hutner on Nuclear Sustainability

…re restart. And therein lies the rub: it wasn’t just Tepco that mismanaged Fukushima Dai-ichi. Tepco mismanaged Fukushima Dai-ichi under the oversight and with knowledge of NISA, Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. Which left Japan without either trust in nuclear power, or the trusted regulators to inspect the other forty plants and get the sound ones back online in a timely fashion. Permission is only now being granted, none will power…

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Conservative groupthink afflicts US nuclear energy industry

…ory here in the Reactor Building Basement … …and here in the DW Lower Elevations …. what is initially assumed to be fission product inventory in a fuel rod, then a reactor, then a containment – leaves all three in a Severe Accident. So molten fuel on the ground in the mass of one bundle, ~400 lbm…


Nuclear industry leaders are wimps – it’s time to fight back!

…Some of our stuff is much hotter than anything that has been released from Fukushima. I get upset by all the anti-nukes who try to make a point by saying that if Fukushima is so safe, why don’t I go over there. You know, it may not be a bad idea, I would probably get a lower dose. Peter Moliterno I really don’t think there is a double standard that favors (US spelling please) natural gas. The oil and gas industry pays heavy taxes and royalties and…


Arnie Gundersen – Still spreading unwarranted fear far and wide

…clear energy field to help dispel any misinformation presented during the “Fukushima Special”. So please tell me (and hopefully the world) what we can expect from Fukushima if the situation continues to deteriorate, including the collapse or Unit #4. Rod Adams @Caroline I’ve read through a few of the articles here about Arnie Gundersen saying that he is less than truthful about the state of the Fukushima

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