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  1. 3/11 is the ‘New 9/11″, the Nuclear Cheerleaders are The New Chickenhaw­ks.
    “Never serving in a NUCLEAR CRISIS like Daiichi Japan.
    Quoting you Rod
    “Ostrich response. Simple steps reduce radiation doses – Time, Distance, Shielding. Only needed in HIGH dose rate areas”
    What about the people of Japan!? Have you no compassion, no SHAME!?!?
    EVACUATE THE CHILDREN @ the very least! You are one sick puppy sitting where you are FAR AWAY from the crisis. SHAME ON YOU!

    1. Whoopie,

      Read the news and look at some pictures. 2 weeks after the industrial accident at Fukushima, IAEA workers wearing nothing short of thin plastic gears were there to observe. About 40 of them.

      Of course, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s sole mission is to do harm to their full time employees and send them in dangerous areas.

      We won’t mention the fact that 2 months after the event, the IAEA stopped reporting on the subject. Nothing much to add they thought.

    1. On topic comments, with no profanity are always welcome. Personal attacks must be aboided, though I am a little more lenient when the attacks are directed at me. I have a thick skin.

      There is an annoying delay before comments become visible. We have tried hard to find the problem without success. Regular visitors are getting used to the delay.

      One more thing – comments with more than one link have to be moderated to protect against spammers.

  2. Rod,

    Delays are one thing. However, I do not get all the comments after subscribing to a story. This feature does not work well either.


    1. What are you talking about? It’s right there at the end of the list – in a place of honor and notice. 🙂

      (Sorry, Will. I’ll do better next time.)

  3. Rod, I am not a subscriber yet until I see an objective debate on why we cannot focus on the true victims (children forced to be expose to radiation that has never been allowed for artificial radiation (man made)). The task at hand is to get these people out of there. 5 to 10 years we will see these people in Tohoku/Kanto with increased cancer rates because the Japanese government is doing exactly what it did during WWII. There is a huge difference between ordering people to war and those that have to experience. If you want true insight, I will be happy to discuss it. Seeing all of this on a daily basis has taken its toll on me. What I do not appreciate is bloggers that decided from the onset that there are no plumes. If we cannot help the Japanese nuclear power is out of the question.

    1. @Rooks

      One of the many reasons that I am involved in the battle royale over energy supply choices is that I love children and want to do everything I can to protect them.

      The best science I know says that there is nothing hazardous about the low levels of radiation that remain in the evacuated areas outside of the power plant fence. The UNSCEAR report of the effects of Chernobyl tells me that nearly all of the very real negative effects of that accident came about as a result of irrational fear of radiation and irrational government ordered responses to alleviate that fear.

      If your time is limited, please at least go and read the summary page. If you have more time, read some of the detailed reports that are linked there.


      Here are the final words of the summary:

      “Although those exposed as children and the emergency and recovery workers are at increased risk of radiation-induced effects, the vast majority of the population need not live in fear of serious health consequences due to the radiation from the Chernobyl accident. For the most part, they were exposed to radiation levels comparable to or a few times higher than annual levels of natural background, and future exposures continue to slowly diminish as the radionuclides decay. Lives have been seriously disrupted by the Chernobyl accident, but from the radiological point of view, generally positive prospects for the future health of most individuals should prevail.”

      If you really are in the thick of things, please consider the fact that reducing stress caused by fear of something that is not harmful might be the most positive contribution that you can make.

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