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  1. Why are all the cool science programs for kids? lol (OK, not all of them are – folks can go to local planetariums and museums and such and find programs for adults, too).

    But, that cloud chamber demo of radiation – that sounds like something a lot of adults should see and hear the explanations.

    1. The dutch national radioactive waste storage facility (COVRA) opens its doors to the public now and again, to give guided tours. One of the items is a cloud chamber, and it’s great to see. Most fascinating to me, was that the building with the high level waste has lower radiation inside than out! An eye-opener at that time.

    2. I have a teeny-little cloud chamber, but it’s cranky, & I can never get it to work when I want it to. That’s besides remembering to buy a chunk of dry ice on my way to the event…

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