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  1. What about the nuclear party, Rod?

    Members of the nuclear party seem to be those of us who actually know the most about nuclear technology.

    I wasn’t a bit surprised yesterday that the 4 commissioners “who are part of the nuclear party” and have probably a collective 100 or so years of collective nuclear experience voted FOR the COL, while Chairman Jaczko “who is not a part of the nuclear party” and has only about 7 years of nuclear power-related experience working as a Commisioner at the NRC and formerly worked under 2 of the highest-ranking members of the “anti-nuclear party” was the lone dissenting vote.

  2. There is a flipside as well. If nuclear really started to challenge fossil fuel interests, I wonder how much GOP support would evaporate overnight.

    It may sound petty but I think a lot of ‘conservative’ support of nuclear is nothing more than the desire to poke a stick in the eye of those durn tree-hugging hippies. It’s the tribal mentality. If ‘environmentalists’ are opposed to nuclear, I must be for it, whether I can tell a nuclear plant from a rat’s behind or not.

    1. @SteveK9 — Unlike the radical environmental lobby-friendly Democrats, the majority of GOPers have some understanding of what reliable energy is composed. It is not composed of wind turbines nor solar panels. They understand that vehicles don’t run on intermittent inputs, but on combustion of reliable liquid fuels. That is why they supported the Keystone XL project – because it makes sense in every respect of the word. As does opening the OCS, ANWR and both coasts and the Gulf to exploration.

      Yes, I believe you are sounding “petty” (your word) in your assessment of the “tribal mentality” of a group of people that you find so intellectually inferior to yourself. Why is that? Or do you believe it when POTUS Obama claims that conservatives want to dismantle all environmental regulations so their children and grandchildren drink contaminated water and breathe sulfur-infused air? We care not one whit about their health because money is all we crave?

      Honestly, Steve, you make a caricature of yourself with this kind of post and you don’t make the desire to reach common ground any more reachable. Arrogance is among the worst human traits – and both liberals and conservatives can be caught in its snare.

      PS – take a poll of Members of Congress and see which side of the aisle has majority support for nuclear power. It won’t be the Dems.

  3. For those tweeters among you, Sen. Carper can be reached by @SenatorCarper.

    He is particularly important because he is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety (of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works), which oversees the NRC.

    I would give him a +7 (out of +10 to -10) on the Atomikrabbit Ranking of ProNuclear Politicians. The only other Dems I would rate that high would be Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee (chairman), and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) of Appropriations Committee.

    Unfortunately, Sen. Carper’s pronuclear votes will always be nullified by those of Bernie Sanders (I-VT), on the same committee.

    Also on that committee is Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), the only politician in Washington deserving a +10 (in my own humble opinion).

    I have already thanked Sen. Carper for his support of the Renaissance, and urged him to look into the benefits of “nuclear waste” transformation into energy by means of Gen IV reactors. Once a gap opens in the defense, send in your most powerful fullback to exploit the hole.

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