1. You didn’t discuss the Millstone situation but the loss of 50% of baseload electrical supplies and 95% of our electrical supply from non-carbon sources would destroy us in CT. With the 3 gas pipelines (Algonquin, Iroquois, and Tennessee) full to capacity on cold winter days, we would be facing a choice between heat and electricity (but, without electricity for pumps and furnaces, there is no heat!). Look what happened two months ago with negative pricing in the north and rates through the roof in southern NE and that with just Pilgrim down! http://isonewswire.com/updates/2017/6/9/significant-price-variation-on-may-18-highlights-operational.html

  2. The electrical grid is a strategic asset beyond the quarterly dividend and the actual electrical bill itself. Removal of nuclear power from the available power generation base on the electrical grid is significant enough to destabilize the grid in most regions of the US. Did I say ECONOMICALLY STRATEGIC, and critical in all facets of our day to day life. For those who worry; Your safety and security. It is as important as roads and medical care. Nuclear power helped mitigate the oil and gas shortages in the last 30 years. Nuclear is like an insurance policy to reduce the impacts of adverse market scenarios. America has lost sight of history and is doomed to suffer for lack of understanding resulting in poor foresight. Don’t let the press and corporate America’s short term greed ruin the future of this country.

    1. Why should the powers-that-be care, as long as they are profiting? The PTBs won’t suffer. They are wealthy enough to insulate themselves from the effects of poor infrastructure. Their commercial/industrial interests can simply be moved overseers as our infrastructure decays for lack of maintenance. They have no motivation to actually pay a realistic (large) share of what they should to maintain infrastructure.

      Hence, the bulk of tax breaks continue to go to the wealthy and to corporations and no money flows back to maintaining the USA’s infrastructure. And they deny that they benefited from the existence of the infrastructure.

      This is the tragedy of the commons, but in this case the shephard has the ability to move his flock to any as-yet unruined township at little cost. A town that restores or builds a nice new green, will soon get a visit from the shephard of ruin. So the tragedy is a tragedy for each town, but never for the shephard, and the town’s even court him, because occasionally he’ll throw them a (very small) piece of mutton.

        1. “Shepherd” too, as long as we’re counting.

          Speaking of brain mush, it’s long past time for me to get back to my spreadsheet and see if I can get the next stage of my thoughts expressed as numbers.

        2. And incorrect use of at least one apostrophe. Must learn to proofread before clicking on “post”.

        3. Mr Walther:

          “Doh. Overseas. Not overseers. Brain mush.”

          It’s still a good word. Funny – We are hearing less and less these days about “the job creators,” and “trickle down.” These fit right in with overseers. I think some of this stuff is getting harder to package as good PR.

          I think you hit the nail on the head. Long term planning for the betterment of the health and welfare of the nation does not seem to be anywhere as robust as when I was a kid. I guess financially driven people only need to look to the next quarter. Maintaining nuclear infrastructure and investing in next generation nuke plants are long term interests.

  3. It seems to me that owners of nuclear reactors or any other energy source that asks for taxpayer or ratepayer support of their operations should reduce their salaries, bonuses, stock options or any other source of reimbusement

    1. @Suzanne E. Vandenbosch

      I agree, but am pretty sure that leaders at GE, Siemens, Iberdrola, Dong, Next Era, Samsung, Tesla, and countless others would not.

      1. They might as well reduce their income. Taxes are going to take more of it away anyhow.

  4. Thank you for the Fukushima robot submarine results. I am looking forward to Tepco’s take on it.

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