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  1. We need to influence Congress. Counting the 2nd Georgia AP1000 as virtually complete, there are NO nuclear reactors under construction in the US. There are 59 under construction in the rest of the world.

  2. Well written as always – I particularly noted the following:

    “Most of them told me that they believed the public would have been better served if there had been some adversarial balance. In most regulatory environments, there are strong industry or public interest voices that don’t agree with activists that regularly press for additional regulatory burdens that do nothing but add cost. Until quite recently, that situation has been rare in the regulation of nuclear power plants.”

    When I consider what I hear on the news in the rare instances where nuclear energy is debated rather than ignored, I do note that the rebuttals seem to often lack the backing of organizations. Anti nuclear organizations have been far more vocal in the past drowning out any contrary voices that may be heard. The Union of Concerned Scientists come to mind along with Greenpeace and the various Green Parties of the world. Other than the ANS, I had to check Wikipedia under “Pro-Nuclear Movement” to find the many groups listed in the now silent majority who support the other side. I was surprised to see the last entry on the list was the Vatican. Maybe nuclear power has some very potent allies.

    1. Yes, Eino, bloggers and podcasters form the support for Nuclear power. The news still has an anti-nuclear bent. But the tide of general public opinion is changing. If the NRC made their comment process more transparent perhaps more people (besides the professional activists) would comment. Thank God for the Breakthrough Institute.

  3. I’m confused … I had always presumed the containment vessel was intended to handle an aircraft impact. But containment vessels long predate the AIA ruling.

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