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  1. Very good explaination of AAE. Dialog from the class really helps someone understand how AAE works. It should be add to the AAE website.

    While I enjoyed this podcast for what I had learned. I find the most entertaining podcasts have a lot of dialog between you and your guests. People would rather hear smart people joke around and interact with each other than with techology. Mix the human interaction with with education, and people will learn. People are also more likely believe a group of people who agree on a theme than one person giving a well thoughtout arguement.

  2. Rod,

    This podcast was arguably one of your best. Because it explained your reactor. The use of nitrogen to be able to use an off the shelf turbine is wise. Simple is better. K.I.S.S. Nice job.

    And the slides were good too — although I could only look at them a red traffic lights.

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