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  1. hay guys,

    We Aussies are always under the thumb of the greens propaganda, the biggest problem with getting nuclear power over here is the greens, they have a ex singer as a member of parliament and he is very vocal with the false proof the nuclear power is bad, and we should invest in solar.


  2. Luke:

    You Aussies are also being influenced by people with interest in continuing to make serious money by selling coal. It is a big business that feels quite threatened by the competition for energy markets posed by nuclear power. Here is what Peter Beattie had to say about the matter in an ABC story published in March 2006:

    Mr Beattie says the coal industry has a long-term future with 300 years of deposits in reserve.

    “If power is being generated by uranium we don’t need enough coal. I mean this is … black and white – I am a strong supporter of the coal industry, I’m a strong supporter of clean coal technology and I do not support the uranium industry because it will be a competing energy source,” he said.

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