Atomic Show #272 - Karnfull Energi 1

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  1. Is there potential to do something like that here in the USA? I constantly get flyers for “100% Renewable Electricity” that I can pay more for here in New York. How about 100% nuclear electricity from the PWR outside of town? It could at least make for good PR for nuclear energy and make more people consider it to be in the same camp as renewables as a clean source of energy.

  2. Just going to throw this here:

    Michael Moore-sponsored documentary, “Planet of the Humans”, goes into the reality behind the greenwash of “renewables”.  I’m 38 minutes in and I think it’s really well done, and it even gets Rod’s favorite clip of RFK Jr. saying “our wind plants and solar plants… are gas plants”.

  3. “In Sweden, Karnfull’s home market, electricity generators produce power with a certificate of origin that allows marketers to identify the sources of the power they sell to customers.

    This is a well established system for wind and solar energy…”

    The difference is that Sweden doesn’t appear to bestow “Nuclear Energy Certificates” to nuclear plants corresponding to the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) awarded to U.S. wind and solar farms in many states.

    RECs allow utilities to purchase the “clean energy attributes” of solar or wind to offset the carbon emissions of fossil fuel generation they buy. That RECs are part of a well-established system doesn’t confer legitimacy to the scam, which effectively double counts the clean-energy value of renewable sources by discounting the value of dispatchability – the ability of an energy source to meet demand at any time of day or night.

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