1. Hi Rod,

    This was a great show! I think you did a fabulous job of handling the questions. I think you’ll make a lot of people think and take nuclear power more seriously. I liked the way you pointed out that what many people consider to be “natural” methods of power generation still require mining and other technologies to bring to fruition. That doesn’t make them any more “natural” than atomic.

    Anyway, I think you stated your case quite well, and I enjoyed the podcast (as usual).

    I’ve also been enjoying your interviews of late. Really interesting stuff to hear about the good old days when times were simpler and experimentation could be done for it’s own sake.

    I hope you continue to keep the show going!!!

    Steve N’Tucson

  2. Steve:

    Thank you for the kind words. It is encouraging to know when people care enough to write about the show.

    I have no intention of stopping; though there might be some lulls in production as my day job responsibilities ebb and flow. Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks for some really interesting fare that is already “in the can” and planned.

    I think you will enjoy it.


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