1. Rod, I don’t think your comment is an ad hominem attack; it’s factual. It’s a great human interest, biographical story. I never knew Jaczko worked for Markey.

  2. Who is Dr J working for these days ?

    And another thing, did the NRC revoke the 50 mile evacuation zone yet? If not, it looks pretty silly especially given the fact that the IAEA sets a 5 miles such an evacuation radius in the case of civil nuclear accidents.

    And why did the IAEA remain silent on that incompetent call from the NRC ? That call from the NRC had an impact on the speed of help getting to needy people as it raised the level of fear. The IAEA slept on the job.

    Dr J should be held criminally liable for making such an incompetent call and impacting the flow of help. And where in the name of God were the other commissioners ? I will always maintain that they did not show courage then and when the NRC voted to stop granting COLs.

    One thing is for sure, Japan does not think highly of the NRC following Dr J’s imaginary interpretation of the situation that merged in March 2011.

  3. And we all agree and know that at some point Dr J acted illegally. He has not been prosecuted.

    I think we should make a collective case on this board to gather all the facts at some point before any statute of limitation evaporates the case.

  4. The man REALLY needs to be called-out and taken down in high public like yesterday since he’s given SO much credence and high regard now in the media and anti-nuke contingent. Every time he opens his mouth he costs the national and international nuclear community months of public nuclear education and political pro-nuke guts and support Just flapping gums as he has here is making it harder for Japan to fire-up its nukes soon as possible.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

    1. Japan firing back the nukes ? I am really getting mad at the speed at which things are going with regards to the benefits and urgency of it all.

      I think the next major nuclear event will be within a week or two when the UK closes the deal on Hinckley with the EDF-Areva nukes.

      Then in December 2014, the first AP-1000 is set to go critical. And soon the first EPR.

  5. As far as I know neither Jaczko or his fellow traveller Gundersen were called on their outrageous FUD about SFP4 “burning” out of control. There was video that showed absolutely no evidence of that in SFP4. Everything was where it should have been with no indication of damage. If a credible engineering professional had made such outrageously wrong public statements they’d lose their license and be drummed out of the business. But these bums get away with it because everyone thinks “they have good intentions”. Like hell they do.

    1. @Atomikrabbit

      Watts Bar II does not qualify as a “new” plant or a new license. It was licensed to begin construction in the 1980s 1974. It was not reviewed or approved by Dr. J.

      1. Point taken.

        With some belt-tightening, an inevitable rise in NG prices, a little positive PR, and a changeout of a few politicians, the US nuke count might be back up to 105 by 2018.

        1. 105 would require a reversal of the VY decision. Are you thinking that is feasible? It was 104 prior to CR3, SONGS 2&3, Kewaunee, and VY, bringing it down to 99 as of January 2015. Adding in VC Summer 2&3, Vogtle 3&4, and WBN2 would put it back at 104.

          1. @Joel Riddle

            It is possible for Entergy to change its mind about Vermont Yankee right up until the time that they file the documents required to turn in the operating license. There are two documents, one certifying that operations have ceased, the other certifying that the fuel has been removed from the core and will not be replaced. Once those documents have been filed and accepted by the NRC and the operating license is terminated, there is no precedent for any recovery. It would require a new licensing process on an old plant. For a 620 MWe isolated plant, there would be no economic benefit for the action.

    2. It’s unreal, Atomikrabbit! Every Wiki or Google citation on a nuclear plant is predominately OBSESSED with emergency evacuation plans and population proximity and civil defense measures and safety -safety-safety and things that MIGHT go wonky. Is ANY other industry treated this way??

  6. @Daniel
    October 12, 2013 at 6:43 AM

    “And we all agree and know that at some point Dr J acted illegally. He has not been prosecuted.”
    I am not a lawyer so this is really just a question. But didn’t the DC circuit court ruling that the NRC must finish and publish the Yucca Safety Evaluation basically prove the termination was at least in part illegal? Experts encouraged to pine in here. But the problem is it is a civil not criminal matter. The courts have already ruled that DOE must pay the utilities for storing the DOE fuel on the utility sites, because of DOE breach of contract. So this is hitting everybody in the pocketbook. Sooner or later the whole nuclear community must realize this guy is costing big bucks and can not be ignored any longer. It is not just a job for pro-nuclear bloggers and messengers. He is here to stay, and has become the “go to” guy replacing Arnie. It is long past time to discredit the man, and it will take money to do it, but cheaper in the long run. Right now it seems to me the total pro nuclear community attitude is “no news is good news”, so they avoid interaction with the man. Have you seen a nuke plant owner discrediting him in any big way? He gets press 20 to 1 in his favor. A big mistake. You/we can’t force reporters to run our side of stories. But we can pay for ads to get our side in the news. It is long past time to begin.

    1. It is one thing to be an incompetent bully. It is another to have broken the law.

      Dr J. Incompetent bully and criminal. That is what I want him to be known for.

  7. How this person ever made it to the top of the NRC is beyond me. How could that happen? In what universe was that a good idea?

    I honestly think I could have done a far better job. I can say that in total confidence.

    What a disaster for environmentalism. I cant even think about it without getting angry at the Obama administration. I cant seem to get past it either even though I voted for him twice. I think now the quicker this administration is out of power the better. The back-room deals and PR first polices have worn a bit too thin on me.

    1. John, the problem is that there used to be a rational alternative, but the Republican party has been taken over by ideological extremists, who don’t even believe in the Constitution or our way of government.

      My second vote for Obama was about as unenthusiastic as it is possible to be. It might be the case that nuclear will do better under a Republican administration, but I’m not sure, given the strong ties to oil/gas. Of course I’m talking about ‘regular’ Republicans (a vanishing breed). Where the ‘tea party’ stands on nuclear, I have no idea. I’m not sure those guys have even thought about it, or would be capable of doing so.

      1. Everyone I have talked to who claims to be a tea party person is also ardently pro-nuclear. As far as being capable of thinking about it, I know I am (Ph.D. in NE, neutron transport focus). It is wise to avoid egregious generalizations.

      2. The Democrats force through a massive bill, voted on completely unread, which turns out to incorporate a revenue-raising measure originated in the Senate (blatantly un-Constitutional)… and you say the REPUBLICANS don’t believe in it?  The few in Congress who do are ALL Republicans.

  8. I wonder why the gas fracking operations are not held to the same standards as the nuclear industry when it comes to radiation?

    Dangerous levels of radioactivity found at fracking waste site in Pennsylvania


    I don’t personally think that radiation could be called dangerous, but when the anti-nuclear folk are screaming about the ‘life-ending’ radiation, measured in micro-sieverts, around Fukushima, then shouldn’t the frackers be receiving the same bad press?

    1. @GaryN

      My thesis is that both the media and the environmentalists favor natural gas over nuclear because it’s their job to promote the interests of their source of income. Natural gas is a product of Big Oil, a consistent advertiser and funder of “non-profit” foundations.

  9. Jaczko’s anti-nuclear demands had a significant effect on the delay and cost of licensing. What economic benefit is the NRC providing if all they do is hold back nuclear energy? If the government shutdown and budget tightening continues, perhaps there will be an opportunity to make this agency more productive.

    1. “What economic benefits is the NRC providing if all they do is hold back nuclear energy?”

      Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of benefits, if you’re a fossil fuel profiteer.

  10. “Yes, I know that this entire post can be considered an ad hominem attack.”

    I do not care if the post was an ad hominem attack or not. It was truth. But the problem goes higher. While Bush put Jackzo in the NRC as a compromise with Harry Reid to stop holding up John Roberts’ nomination as SCOTUS Chief Justice, it was Barack Hussein Obama who made him chairman of the NRC, and when he proved to be a liability to Barack Hussein Obama’s “pro-woman” 2012 platform because of his despicable behavior towards women, he was made to resign and Allison Macfarlane (coincidentally or not a woman) was appointed, and while she is nicer, she still is anti-nuclear. The problem is Barack Hussein Obama. Get rid of him and his allies. Hate the Republicans all you want, they are less evil and they won’t be the obstructionist against nuclear that the current regime is. But now I have to wash my hands for typing anything on this horrid subject. Yuck! 🙁

    1. We had our fair share of Republican governments over the years. No matter what, the NRC grants licences every other 30 years.

      And some say the NRC does not have a predictable licensing procedure.

      Bogus I say. (grin)

      Something big has to happen and soon. But we have the Dalai Lama, Gates, Branson and many more on our side.

      But the law of the few stands. The green aristocrats like Lovins, Fonda and RFK Jr want us to bear less children, use less energy: a way of life that the rich and plentiful can sustain once they are at the top in order to prevent the masses from reaching the top.

      Energy is the ultimate equalizer for the poorest countries. (Wake up UN and World Bank)

      And again. At the risk of repeating myself. We need a Fukushima like incident in the South Eastern USA. Zero radiation death drama of course. Then all the nuclear industry along with the Navy nukes, active and retired, would be able to use all of their influence and clout domestically. No travel expenses and access to local media. Mano to mano fight. Facts only the facts.

      I know. I know. The nuclear industry is the safest of them all. But I wish for such a mishaps to happen.

    2. @Paul Primavera

      Why do you negate the value of your comment by only using one person’s middle name?

      Why does that matter so much to you? My middle name is Matthew, but I did not write any gospels.

      1. It is a common anti Obama tactic because the name “Hussein” makes people think “Muslim” just like the anti bush people made a point to say George “dubya” Bush to remind people that he had a reputation for being uneducated.

        In either case I find it wrong.

  11. Help needed.

    There is a foundation in Montreal called One Drop. It was created by the owner of the Cirque du Soleil and aims at providing water to third world countries.

    I want to get in contact with them and push nuclear and educate. (Hey maybe they can give a wake up call to the World Bank, you never know)

    Here is my question to the board: Is there a working commercially available nuclear reactor model and design that suits water desalination NOW.

      1. Pete51,

        I want a commercialy opérating nuclear reactor model.

        I want a working solution And the name of a Country Town where it works today.

        1. Daniel- Any nuclear plant that produces electrical power can supply that power to a large RO desalination plant. US AP1000, French EPR, Russian VVER, South Korean APR-1400, Canadian CANDU, take your pick. The link I supplied describes several large RO plants currently in service (Israel, Singapore, Australia) using RO, and supplying potable water at around 50 US cents per cubic meter. The fuel source you use to generate the electrical power might not be uranium, but that doesn’t really matter for the RO plant. Nuclear usually compares favorably in O&M plus fuel costs for generating power. The high up-front construction costs for nuclear is where the problem is.

          However, I recently read that China’s Sanmen dual AP1000 plants will have a total construction cost of $6.5 billion. That is very reasonable. The two Vogtle plants in Georgia are somewhere north of $14 billion right now.

          1. I am simply asking for One working nuclear reactor that is used to desalinate Water as we speak.

            Does this exist And if so where.

            1. @Daniel

              All US Navy submarines and aircraft carriers use a portion of their power to convert salt water to fresh water. Most of them use RO systems, some use flash evaporators.

          2. I am simply asking for One working nuclear reactor that is used to desalinate Water as we speak. Does this exist And if so where.

            Yes. Just look at any US Navy CVN (aircraft carrier). The reactors are used to desalinate water for the crew in addition to providing electricity and propulsion.

            The Soviet BN-350 reactor was also used for desalination.

          3. From the link I previously posted. Under the heading- Desalination: nuclear experience. Kazakhstan, Japan, India, Pakistan, China are referenced.

            Regarding China-

            “The [Hongyanhe] project incorporates a 10,080 m3/day seawater desalination plant to provide cooling water.”

            Hongyanhe Unit 1 is currently in service. Units 2, 3 and 4 are under construction. I don’t know the status of the desal plant. I would guess the “cooling water” referenced above would be water going into the primary and secondary plant systems. That water is required to be much cleaner than drinking water standards, with all minerals removed.

        2. Navy nukes to desalinate water, I can dig.

          But is there a single civilian nuclear reactor that is used today to desalinate water?

          From expert testimony from Rod and Brian, this would not exist.

          1. Isn’t Russia in the process of building a floating nuclear reactor to desalinate water?

          2. @Daniel

            Please do not misinterpret my statement – I told you about desal plants that I know exist. I did not mean that list to be interpreted as comprehensive. As Pete51 told you, an RO facility is just an electricity powered way to produce fresh water. They can be powered by any electricity generator, including any of the 400 plus commercial nuclear plants around the world. Why do you insist on an example where there is a dedicated nuclear plant and an identifiable RO plant?

          3. @ Rod,

            As I pointed out in an earlier post, I want to get in touch with the ONE DROP foundation here in Montreal. It is a philanthropic organization focused on getting water to the needy.

            I wanted to know if a singular, commercial, civil nuclear reactor anywhere in the world was being used today for such an application (to desalinate water)

            Then I wanted to have ONE DROP dig the concept and try to see of the World Bank, whose mission it is to help finance infrastructure projects for the poorest countries in the world, could one day wake up and do something on a nuclear scale.

            This was my motivation.

          4. @ Sean,

            Yes the russians are in the midst of getting this done. An out of the box nuclear combo platter with watts and water desalination.

            Watch the line up in 2-3 years.

        1. No, it says the Perth plant uses RO. Any electrical power generator can be used. The fuel choice for generating that power is up to you.

    1. From your link Daniel:

      “…the project would be one the U.K.’s single largest investments and pressing ahead would be a boost to the government’s policy of using large infrastructure investment to spur economic growth.”

      Sitting around a camp fire last night, one smart young man, presently working on the Fort McMurray oil sands project, and earning absolutely insane amounts of money, was saying that nuclear could put all these people out of work, and that I should consider just how much money is put into the economy. And that is what the governments want, lots of jobs (the young man said there were people commuting to New Zealand, 2 weeks in, 2 weeks out), and lots of money that trickles down to so many support industries. Even the lowest paid workers up there all drive new tricked-out F250 4x4s it seems. When you consider all the work and money created by all the carbon based energy operations around the world, it is true that shutting the taps off suddenly would cause huge labour market disruptions and be a big hit on government revenues. No wonder its “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” with carbon fuel power generation, so how do you counter that argument?

      1. A lot if carbon being used to get the carbon out.

        Nukes would make tar sands And gas extraction cleaner.

      2. If we doubled or more our world nuke capacity we would need a ton of AO’s, RO’s, HP’s, CHEM TECHS, etc… Not to mention the outage workers…

  12. Abolishing drug smuggling would put a lot of people out of work too. Some jobs do more harm than good.

  13. One thing which I think should be brought up, whenever Jackzo is mentioned, is his self-proclaimed incompetence.

    He claims to oppose nuclear electricity generation because he maintains that heat from residual decay after shutdown makes nuclear reactors inherently unsafe. When asked why he only now took this position and not while he was on the NRC, he claimed that he only recently became aware of it.

    So, Jackzo was on the NRC as a commissioner and chairman for how many years? And he didn’t know about residual decay in all that time?

    Incompetent. By his own words.

  14. One way Dr. Jazko can help promote natural gas: See him on an informercial, showering his baldness with a gas water heater, cooking on a gas range, doing a barbecue with a gas grill. Think we will see him load clothes in a gas dryer?

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