1. Another excellent show, please do have a part 2 continuation with these guests.

    As you had two Californians among them, I’d be interested to know their opinions (all 7) about the city of Palo Alto – a net zero carbon emissions town. This was recently achieved through hydro, renewables, and carbon credit swapping.

  2. I am holding a four-part class at the Dallas Makerspace, where I am a member, beginning tomorrow (ie, Saturday, 30 August), entitled “Introduction to Atomic Energy”. I managed to arrange for a visit to the Comanche Peak power station as part of that.

  3. Rod- we recently met via Twitter and I was thrilled at the topic of this show.

    I am a passionate pro- nuke advocate and I am fascinated by the subject of the activity of slow motion conversation of people from anti npower to pro npower. I believe the facts are on our side.

    I think there are many like there like me who care deeply about public policy – but who lack official ‘credentials’ – and worse – lack a a mouthpiece for our views. (Why is it so hard to became a goddam member of the ANS??)

    One thing is clear: we need persistence, we need credibility/facts (good and bad), and we need to be -I think- the soft sell.

    I would love atomic show with a successful ‘cookbook’ for what folks like me can do. I am in portland oregon and I am willing to go speak out. But I feel alone and I wouldn’t know the first thing about where to find compadres in my beliefs or where to find audiences for what I have to say.

    Any advice on advocacy would be greatly appreciated.

    1. @Swain Scheps

      The American Nuclear Society is a technical society that requires members to have some technical credentials before joining. There are some ways to become an associate member. So far, I don’t know of any group that has been established for people who simply like what they have learned about nuclear energy and want to do what they can to share that knowledge and help the technology grow. We need a place for atomic fans to come together. Stay tuned to Atomic Insights and I will have more on this topic.

      My first concrete suggestion is that you might want to try getting in touch with people from NuScale, which has an office in Portland as well as in Corvalis. If you need a POC there, let me know.

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