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    1. On the other hand, the fact that she is a woman might be a plus … women are consistently more negative on nuclear than men.

  1. I sincerely wish this driver and team well, but advertisement’s only as effective as how many know about it. I really wonder just how many of the spectators and audiences even know she/the car’s hawking nuclear. Or how much it’ll even be mentioned. Plastering decals on the side of a car might not be enough to prompt people to reconsider nuclear. A nuke commercial during the race might help.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  2. I am very happy they have de Silvestro doing this. Among followers of the sport, she has a lot of support. They see her as the anti-Danica. She’s very talented, hard working, doesn’t complain, and is extremely friendly. She also doesn’t use her sex to try and empower her over other drivers. Women like her/respect her a lot as well because of this. She is good about mentioning her nuclear sponsorship as well. This is certainly not the first time I’ve heard her speak of it. With her talent, I wouldn’t be shocked to see her do a lot better now that’s she is in a competitive car. More press will also put more nuclear mention in the spotlight, which is good. I also have seen nuclear ads during races, so they are there, but certainly not with great regularity.

  3. Rod – thanks for the post, as always. The Nuclear Clean Air Energy site ( http://nuclearcleanairenergy.com/ ) main page has this to say:

    Why is this message on a race car?
    AREVA, along with partners at Entergy Corporation, have teamed up with Simona De Silvestro’s team, KV Racing Technology, to sponsor the Nuclear Clean Air Energy national educational initiative.

    There’s a lot of resources to explore, including a page about the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History ( http://nuclearcleanairenergy.com/resources/education/museum/ ).

    Unfortunately, I don’t see anything that backs up her claim of being ‘the only carbon-neutral driver in the 2013 Indy car series’. I think that does need some explanation – how is the miracle achieved?

  4. How dare they ? Too bad the NRC cannot close them down.

    BC team announces breakthrough in medical isotope research
    By The Canadian Press |

    VANCOUVER – Researchers in British Columbia say they’re reached a milestone in the development of a new medical isotope, which could help address a national shortage.
    A team from TRIUMF, a national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, at the B.C. Cancer Agency says it has used a medical cyclotron designed and manufactured in Richmond, B.C., for large-scale production of TC-99m, the isotope needed for medical imaging such as CT scans.
    Paul Schaffer, head of TRIUMF’s nuclear medicine division, says the process produced enough of the isotope to supply a metropolitan area.
    A shutdown of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.’s Chalk River research reactor in 2009 caused a worldwide shortage of the medical isotopes used to detect cancer and heart ailments.
    Ottawa has said isotope production at Atomic Energy’s National Research Universal reactor will end in 2016, and earlier this year announced $21 million for research into technology to produce them without a nuclear reactor.
    Paul Schaffer, head of the nuclear medicine division, says it’s a crucial step toward meeting isotope needs once production at NRU ends.

  5. Robert Stone was to debate Robert F Kennedy JR yesterday in Pleasantville NY.

    Anyone has had feedback on Stone”s performance ? He looks like an articulate guy.

  6. Greetings!

    I’m posting this here in place of a “ask a nuclear question” column or topic, from a question asked me, so I apologize if it’s misplaced but you nuclear pros would know the answer.

    Suppose “magically” all rod elements of a standard large nuclear reactor were “beamed” into the middle of the Sahara to fall on the sand as they lay — just the rods themselves. What would happen to those rods and their resting and surround sand over that time? Would there be a massive molten pool heat build up or just a pile of white hot rods? What’s the closest a naked human could safely approach this pile? How about a suit shielded one? Would there be any aerial contamination over the site? How much sand bulldozed over this pile would it take to make it safe enough to walk on? Ten feet under? Twenty?

    Thanks for any hints!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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