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  1. Gotta separate the philosophically against, the medically against, and the anarchist against and tear down down the fear-based rational of the most seemingly reasonable party — the Meds. They show up with no-rad-is-safe-rad doctors in tow, you show up with doctors and rad-treatment patients; they show up with sham engineers, you show up with engineers and records and global studies on slideshows. Educating people at these forums instead of trying to persuade them with empty-handed assurances. Don’t ignore Fukushima — drag out the elephant in the room at the get-go (even if it seems unrelated — it’s feeding fears there!) and chart-up the zero casualties and zero-public damage and virtually nil rad exposure and harm COMPARED with the ravages and aliments of other energy sources. Compare – Compare, Compare always! Relating number crunching stats is great for engineers, but comparing hazards and safety streaks is one non-techie language most understand!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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