Ondi Timoner interviews Robert Stone about Pandora's Promise 1


  1. Here is a guy with a feel good movie and an upcoming mission. Mr Stone is serious, has clout and does not turn its back on his previous movie on nuclear titled ‘radio bikini’ …

    That previous movie of his was about nuclear war. We should all be against was. Any kind of war. Even the kind with machetes that are carried on in energy stricken parts of the world as we speak today.

    Now if only a single green liberal could come to understand that linking nuclear energy with war is as far fetched as connecting electricity to chair or vaseline to napalm. If only.

  2. Stone was nominated for an Academy Award for Bikini.

    Pandora is scheduled for theatrical release this summer, and thus qualifies for next years awards. It will be interesting to see the Hollywood reaction to his philosophical evolution.

    If Pandora wins major awards, could be a huge step forward – even better if the box-office is also boffo.

  3. I like when Timoner says about Pandora’s Promise is the kind of film that could start a movement. Let’s hope.

  4. The trick here is getting some maverick-minded cable/satellite provider to pick this film up for a one-stand airing at least. History and Discovery or even SciFi Channel ought give it a whirl. We see enough of Kaku’s mug on endlessly repeated stale science shows already, so Discovery ought take a chance for some controv fresh blood. Hope my email gives them a nudge.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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