1. I’m curious. Considering Kristine Svinicki’s reappointment, has she done anything in the last few years that has substantively advanced the interests of the NE industry?

    1. @Jon Hall

      Yes. She took many actions that had the effect of making Jaczko less effective in his mission to eliminate nuclear energy.

      She gutted it out through some tough times on the Commission and served as a knowledgeable voice of reason. She played an under-appreciated role in the successful effort to push Jaczko out.

      She’s also a good speaker; her talks at the annual Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) have been my favorite part of the event.

      She is, and will continue to be, and effective Chair.

      1. Wow, thats a suprise, considering Trump’s fondness for hiring incompetent hacks and unqualified family members. Pruitt and Kushner musta been kept out of this decision.

        1. Hate Trump rhetoric really isn’t very helpful. Some good things are happening, such as grassroots support for NE, actions at the state level to keep existing plants open, more people speaking out in favor of NE in the popular media and challenging those who don’t, etc. News of those things is much more encouraging than Hate-Trump-All-The-Time spew.

          Is this the same David Wright who is a highly-placed member of the UCS? Some of what he has written of spent fuel pool storage worries me.

          1. Hate? Why is it that honest appraisals of the Trump administration are often countered with unsubstantive prattle? Does he lie? Does he hire family members that have no qualifications for the positions they are given? And to deny incompetence on the part of many of his staff is to deny reality. It ain’t hatred, Wayne, its just honest observation. Hatred is the spew I often see here against the left, and occassionally see expressed here towards minorities by the resident eugenics advocate.

    2. Kristine Svinicki’s tenure on the Commission can be described by one word: competent.

      That this one word is so relevant (and unusual) in modern times is only a testament to how broken things have been for the last decade or so.

      Svinicki has been a fine Commissioner. I expect that she will continue to be a fine Chairman.

      Sorry, Jon, but your trolling is falling flat.

  2. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/05/23/climate/trump-budget-energy.html?_r=0&referer=https://www.google.com/

    “The budget would significantly scale back public financing for federal energy research. The Energy Department focuses on the next generation of energy technologies — from advanced nuclear reactors to algae biofuels — conducting basic research in its network of 17 national laboratories, and aiding private companies struggling to bring risky new technologies to market. Yet Mr. Trump’s proposal envisions sweeping cuts that would neuter most of the agency’s critical energy programs.

    The agency’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, which has helped nudge down the cost of solar power, faces a 69 percent cut. The Office of Fossil Energy, which invests in methods for capturing carbon dioxide from coal plants and burying it underground, faces a 54 percent cut. The Office of Nuclear Energy, which is pursuing technology to help extend the life of the United States’ existing nuclear reactors, faces a 31 percent cut”

      1. Its a direct quote. Forgot the quotation marks.

        Nothing to add. ‘Cept maybe, kiss science and technological advancement goodbye, for at least 4 years. Unless we wise up and tar and feather this clown show out of Washington DC.

        1. Calm down. He isn’t even halfway into his first year yet. Give him some time. That’s what you’re supposed to do for every new president.

    1. Congress will determine the budget. Several congesscritters have already stated that the proposed budget is DOA.

      1. @David B. Benson

        If Congress gets around to actually passing a real budget and does not rely on a continuing resolution and omnibus spending bills, perhaps you’ll be correct.

        Unfortunately, even a proposed Presidential budget has very real effects on the Executive Branch agencies in terms of planning for their next year’s activities and lining up support contracts for all of the work that agencies dole out to others.

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