1. Excellent reporting as usual. Thanks Rod.

    Hopefully some of this natural gas potential in the US is diverted to other shores through LNG exports so we can see a good build out of these reactor technologies here in the US.

  2. Another aside, Luis Reyes, former NRC EDO is a member of NuScale’s Technical Advisory Board.
    I’m on the distribution list for all NuScale’s NRC submittals, so I see those Tech Reports. I can’t even express how annoying it is that virtually everything NuScale now submits to the NRC is considered proprietary info, so all I see is a laundered version. I certainly understand NuScale’s need for this in a lot of cases, but a “blanket” classification of proprietary is nonsense. It’s meant to eliminate public comment, period. Recently I got the Tech Report for the Feed and Condensate Systems, and it contained nothing, because it was proprietary. There is nothing proprietary about those systems as they have existed for a hundred years, and further NuScale advertizes using off-the-shelf components for this type of thing. What could possibly be proprietary about it? Further every submittal results in an NRC evaluation for agreement that the info is proprietary to NuScale and that document gets published too. It amounts to nothing but cost overhead, designed to eliminate public comment, on a project that is being partially (yes, very minor $) funded by DOE taxpayer money. I don’t like it (whine, whine). mjd.

  3. “Though Walters acknowledged that current market conditions are not favorable for near term deployment of any significant new capacity, he reminded everyone that no one has any idea what natural gas prices will be in five to ten years and also reminded people that there are numerous pressures on existing generating plants that might require them to be retired.”

    AEP 2 gigawatt closure:


    I heard the total from AEP is even higher than this. There will be many more.


    I think the article is right. With the uncertainty of gas prices and supply combined with the closing of many coal plants, these things will be needed. Can they license and build them fast enough?

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