1. I imaging that the building of the Vogle reactors must be of a national importance for the look of US abroad. If US cannot build there own reactors who will trust them building abroad? What do the Trump-adm make of this?

    1. Have you seen our roads? Third world countries have better infrastructure. Yet the military gets every dollar asked for.

      But the fact that the AP1000 reactor vessel, steam generators, pressurizer, PRHR heat exchanger etc. were not domestic and the poor labor productivity on site do not speak well of our industrial future.

  2. Rod, Is there any estimate of just how much money, in total, Westinghouse would need to finish the project and pay anyone? Just how shot is the original budget for building the plant?

  3. Not to worry, WEC sold (gave?) everything to China in return for China buying four AP-1000 plants. I’m sure the Chinese will sell GA Power anything they need.

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