Forbes Clean Beta Advises “Forget Fukushima”. Think about nuclear ships.

Forbes Clean Beta Advises “Forget Fukushima”. Think about nuclear ships.

William Pentland at Forbes Clean Beta has an interesting take on a recently released Congressional Budget Office report titled The Cost-Effectiveness of Nuclear Power for Navy Surface Ships. Though he makes it clear that the CBO’s report only supports an economic argument for nuclear powered ships under certain oil price scenarios, he points out that…

If nuclear energy has “friends” like this, it does not need any enemies

Philip Sharp and Ernie Moniz are both members of the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future and are ostensibly in favor of the use of nuclear energy. Richard Lester “runs the nuclear engineering department” at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the premier engineering institutions in the country. I was taken aback,…

The Frack That’s Going On – Short Cuts Lower Cost but Add Risks

The video and music were created by New York University’s Studio 20 in collaboration with ProPublica, which has been investigating and reporting on the effects of hydraulic fracturing for the past three years. My view is that fracking can be safe, if done correctly, but there is a significant temptation for lightly capitalized companies to…

40-year-old nuclear plants can produce electricity that is "too cheap to meter" – that capability angers the competition

Antinuclear activists often think they have a tossed a trump card into an energy related discussion when they misquote a phrase included in a 1954 speech by Lewis L. Strauss, the politically appointed head of the Atomic Energy Commission. According to people who are fundamentally opposed to the safe and economical use of atomic fission,…

APPA Detailed Study on Effects of Switching From Coal to Natural Gas For Electricity Generation – Not a "Bridge Fuel" Strategy

The American Public Power Association (APPA) has released a detailed, 95-page study titled Implications
 (4.8 MB PDF) that analyses the costs, required rule changes, and risks of replacing a major portion of the coal fired electricity in the United States with natural gas. APPA is the…