1. I think you made a slight goof in the first paragraph – nothing important, but I believe the earnings call you just listened to was for fourth quarter 2010, not 2011? I don’t really understand much about accounting, but wouldn’t Q4 2011 be NEXT Oct/Nov/Dec?

    1. Jeff – good point. Correction made – I have no idea what will happen in 4th QTR 2011, but 2010 is in the books.

  2. I don’t think this bodes well for those looking for a better balance between energy regulation, the costs of development (internal and external), and the environment. Not because of what Exxon does on the ground and in production, but because of the lobbying power that Exxon brings to bear in Washington. Bloomberg reports this purchase should not interfere with efforts in Congress to develop shale gas regulations? I am sure what they meant to say is that regulations will be a much anticipated certainty in Washington with this purchase, but they will be written by Exxon.
    The NG industry was very aggressive in developing these sources

  3. Big Oil’s plan is very simple: We can move from gasoline powered cars to electric cars, but for the electricity we will be fully dependent on natural gas, which in turn is supplied by Big Oil again. The green movement will tell us it’s ok, since natural gas is only a “bridge” to a future where we will somehow have managed to store / regulate our electricity to adjust to weather changes.

    1. I find the formula “N2N: natural gas in the near term and nuclear in the long term.” suspicious. I would prefer Coal-to-nuclear: If we are serious about going to nuclear in the “long term”, why worry about a couple of decades of higher CO2 emissions here and there? I suspect this “near term” plan of natural gas would turn out to be just as “near term” as our oil dependency turned out to be…

  4. It’s a realistic proposition. Whatever else can be said, natural gas can be a baseload source of energy; wind and solar can’t.
    Of course, natural gas is a more expensive fuel than the alternatives.

  5. Aaron Rogers would be correct. There. Committed to the interwebs, this day in the YooL 2011, yada yada.
    The other winners, not so sure.

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