1. …along with its partner, the Korean Electric Power Corporation, ENEC has completed construction and Hot Functional Tests of Barakah Unit 1 within the initially budgeted time and cost. That is an impressive accomplishment .for a country that began pursuing nuclear energy development in earnest only a decade ago.

    FIFY. Does KEPCO have any other international projects, or is Barakah their first?

  2. So,…..they have built a nuclear reactor in the oil rich Middle East. Seems kind of peculiar. Wouldn’t it be cheaper for them to make use of the abundant natural resources in their corner of the world? Maybe, they’ve got a disease like “long term thinking.” From what I can see there was little to no US involvement. Perhaps, the world moves on with or without the US.

    1. But neither the Koreans nor the UAE have our diversity, which is our greatest strength. Or so our politicians and great thinkers tell us.

    2. They have ‘enemy’ Iran at the other side of the Gulf. An ‘enemy’ which got substantial And Iran has already an huge lead regarding nuclear.
      So it’s a good long term strategy to catch up.

      1. Probably not good to confuse nuclear weapons with nuclear power. These plants are the swords beaten into plowshares.

        1. It’s really good for people like Bas, Caldicott, Gundersen, etc..  They’ve been doing it since the 70’s if not earlier and are still making a living off it.

  3. The ENEC deserves congratulations and should become a model for study as to how a project should conducted. This is especially true with the recent declarations concerning Plants Vogtle and VC Sumner.

    1. Proven design, controlled supply chain, discipline and government not controlled by politically correct thinking.

      Solid financing also helps.

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