Atomic Show #305 - Oliver Stone and Joshua Goldstein Co-Writers Nuclear Now 1

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  1. So, it was made apparent to me in a reply to a previous comment I made to Atomic Insights that one cannot expect nuclear innovation to occur with the speed we’ve seen for many years by Moore’s Law. As I was listening to the excellent podcast, I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps this applies to pro-nuclear documentaries as well. It’s been 10 years since Pandora’s Promise was released. “An Inconvenient Truth” was released in 2006. Rod Adams has been doing a better job than Hollywood at solving this global warming thing and educating the public about nuclear energy.

    I haven’t seen the movie. Does it dig into the actions of the fossil fuel industry to derail nuclear progress? To me, this would be a great story for a Hollywood documentary. The fervor with which the Germans have fled from nuclear was mentioned in the podcast. I’ve learned recently that there was some Russian assistance in influencing the Germans towards that attitude. It was great for natural gas sales. Was this mentioned in the documentary? It seems like this would be a great Hollywood story. The reasons why we haven’t seen the expected growth of nuclear energy could be made into a fascinating movie by themselves.

    1. Eino – no spoilers here, but the topics you mention are at least alluded to in the film.

      It was, however, filmed and completed well before February 24, 2022 (that’s the day Russia invaded Ukraine).

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