Atomic Show #291 – Kalev Kallemets, Fermi Energia 1

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  1. Borislav Boev (@boevvvv), a Bulgarian economist, left this comment on Twitter:

    Great episode about the development of the Estonian nuclear industry! Very informative on broad number of issues (policy making, economics and finance, public opinion). These are essential not only for Estonia, but for Europe!

    Kalev Kallmets had an encouraging reply.

  2. Thanks for the episode Rod.

    There certainly was a lot of good enthusiasm exhibited. I think the world, in general, needs more of that type of enthusiasm.

    Part of this episode made me laugh when he talked about the Soviet control. He said, “It was not a Democracy. You had to keep your mouth shut.” I guess the corporations I worked at were like the Soviet Union.

    The Europeans certainly look to take the climate change issue far more seriously than many of the US politicians. Maybe the US will be pulled kicking and screaming to follow the example of some of these forward thinking small European countries.

  3. A YouTube video included the Moltex molten chlorine salt reactor a candidate for Estonia. No mention of a gas reactor. Moltex was dropped. Why?

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