1. Thanks for the review Rod. After a quick visit to the project’s web page, I was pleased to see that there is a screening already scheduled in my area next month and that there are a lot of screenings scheduled nationwide over the next several months. For a complete list of the screenings, visit http://www.switchenergyproject.com/screenings.php.

  2. This reminds me a lot of “The Watt” project produced by a group called Focus the Nation.

    Though I’ve not read that ebook (doesn’t seem to be published yet), their site doesn’t give much attention to nuclear and when it does, it’s tempered with the phrase ‘there are no silver bulletts’. Many of these energy awareness groups use that phrase as if that pre-emptively sets the premise that nuclear cannot be the whole answer. It’s as if they want to set that tone because their afraid of what they may discover about nuclear: it’s the answer, and almost all other energy sources aimed at staving off carbon emissions are a drastic waste of time and effort. A lot of people feel extremely uncomfortable with that position.

    1. A lot of people feel extremely uncomfortable with that position.

      Said in a more cynical way, there are a lot of people who stand to lose a lot of money when nuclear takes its natural share of the energy markets.

  3. This new anti-nuke fret flare-up in Japan (and near to an extent here via media as NYT) based on the supposedly rat-caused loss of rod cooling water at Fukushima, like the Hanford leak incident, constantly cries out for a ready nuclear truth squad at the ready to jump into YouTube or better the mass media (by ringing their phones off the hook for nuclear consultant balance) to quell the public jitters and re-kindled hysteria with fact and perspective.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  4. Like all your sharp perceptive points! I’ll add to the closing remarks of “so what’ll replace these plants when they’re decommissioned (since we’re stuck with them till then); coal or natural gas?” More advanced nuclear never entered his mind!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  5. It’s good to see the addendum to the SWITCH review. In the Carolinas, two states with significant nuclear expertise and dedication, we have used SWITCH as a good education tool. Over the past two months we have had well over 1,000 people on more than a dozen education campuses watch the documentary, and we have had panels of energy professionals discuss the video with the audience. In the Carolinas we have been able to generate useful discussion about energy using SWITCH. It’s been a big hit. I feel that the nuclear wrap-up for the documentary does indeed strengthen the case for nuclear. Kudos to the ARCOS Film folks for a job well done on all segments of the documentary.

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