Self-Described Antinuclear, Pro-Renewable Former Vermont Legislator Claims "We were angels, doing God's work." 1

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  1. “Restoring power will be difficult because the storm did not hit one particular region especially hard. Instead, the strong winds sent trees tumbling and severed power lines in virtually all corners of Vermont.”

    Only you could turn that into supporting centralized power plants, which depend on power lines. I’ll bet the natural gas lines, mostly underground, suffered little damage.

    1. @PU239

      You misunderstood my reference. I was only pointing out that in the aftermath of a power outage, people are much more interested in the power system and how it came to be. Mr. Klein made a number of statements referencing that fact.

    2. Pu239.
      Just a note that Vermont has one gas pipeline. It used to serve only the Burlington region, but after three years of construction and an almost 100% cost overrun, the pipeline has been extended 41 miles and also serves Middlebury.

      The pipeline extension was so unpopular that I doubt that any more pipelines are likely to be built.

      In Vermont, propane and oil for home heating are delivered by truck.

  2. Hey Rod, I don’t understand the movie quote: “Who knows, maybe we can dig up a Democrat.” Could you give some insight?

    I also don’t understand Pu239’s point; maybe he wants to go live off the grid somewhere with only a gas pipe going to his cabin.

    1. @scaryjello

      The quote from White Christmas (1954) indicates that Democrats were rare in VT. It was a state with a large majority of Republicans (or independents).

  3. “angels, doing God’s work.”
    People who think like that have put a giant roadblock in the way figuring out if they are wrong & correcting themselves

  4. What would be the response from the crowd/speaker if Meredith Angwin (Yes Vermont Yankee blog author) were to roll up hot with a sweater to knit in the front row and interject with the virtues of the VY plant, explaining how the loss generation has been replaced one-for-one with natural gas?

    In addition to the inaccuracies mentioned, Tony Klein also states that electricity losses from transmission are “anywhere from 15-50%” – EIA data puts the loss at 7% with long distance losses at 10%. His miss information appears to contradict his support of remote ridge-line wind projects, which requires long distant transmission lines. Additionally, utility scale wind projects, with towering 1.5-3 MW turbines, also appear to contradict the ‘back to land’ idea of locally growing your own food, chopping your own wood, and generating your own power with distributed solar and micro wind. The only consistency I find with so called renewable advocates (with ideas ranging from PV w/ powerwalls to hot rock storage to continual super grids), is their unified opposition to nuclear.

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