1. Good post Rod. I second Rod motion to attend a meeting if you can. It is the best way support new nukes that I can think of.

    I also recommend reading the EIS for at least one nuke plant and one solar plant in California. Most who advocated renewable energy have no clue about the environmental impact of renewable energy. While reading, pay close attention to the word ‘impact’. The criteria is not no impact but no significant impact. So what is the most important statement in this EIS?

    “The NRC staff’s preliminary recommendation to the Commission related to the environmental aspects of the proposed action is that the COLs be issued as proposed.”

  2. Posting this here since there are so few comments under this posting, and since it is very loosely related by being about something from South Carolina.

    I thought Rod, Cal, and any others who have served on nuclear submarines might find this Civil War submarine interesting.


    Also, with this recent cruise ship incident, it seems that cruises can be put on the list of things less safe than nuclear power.

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