1. Unless I read this wrong, isn’t this just a meeting with a bunch of people preaching to the choir. Nuclear advocates need to get to the politicians. They need to form a PAC, that’s how you get stuff done these days. That’s a PAC I would donate to.

    1. The American Nuclear Society is not preaching to anyone, choir or otherwise. It is a 55 year old technical, scientific society whose members are interested in nuclear science and technology.

      They gather twice a year to talk with each other, share information about interesting work they are doing, build personal contacts/relationships, establish committees to perform valuable services like set standards, and help new entrants into the field develop in their careers.

      I’ve been a member – of and on – since the mid 1990s. I find it to be a useful and valuable organization, within the limits of its charter.

  2. Its heartening to see you use the expression “part of the solution”. I think you will find that that kind of approach, even if only while using semantics, to be far more successful than constantly presenting the renewable industry as the enemy.

    Face it, renewables are here to stay. Better you work for an alliance than for a conflict.

    1. @poa

      After evaluating all of the criteria by which one can grade power sources, I’ve recently determined that the coal industry is a more natural ally to the nuclear industry than the unreliables industry is. We have a lot in common, face common opponents, and can help each other improve our overall ability to serve the broader energy markets.

      1. Well…..thats a losing strategy, Rod. In light of your feelings and beliefs regarding a political and fossil/coal industry conspiracy against NE, it is also a fairly surreal strategy. ‘Ol John Q is becoming more and more sympathetic to the weaning of our reliance on fossil fuels. And FUD or not, John Q is buying the rap about renewables. Why would you want to align yourself with the team thats beginning to lose the PR battle? Makes no sense. Besides, I have come to believe your efforts are founded in some honestly altruistic motives. How can you reconcile your concern for the environment with an effort to place NE in the fossil fuel camp? Give it try in Santa Barbara right now. Good luck with that. And yes, I realize you said “coal”, but do you really think John Q separates coal from oil in their understanding of major polluting industries?

        But hey, maybe you’re onto something. We subsidize the fossil fuel industry to the tune of a BILLION DOLLERS A DAY, so why not try to jump on the gravy train, eh. I mean gee, its only our tax dollars going up in smog, er, I mean, smoke…..

        1. Here is what the Renewable Energy policy is doing to North Carolina. What is it also doing to the flora and fauna of NC by wiping out the forests that certain species are depend on and replacing them with ones that are not native to NC? Another failed liberal; experiment. Oh, that’s right they can just blame the extinction on Climate change and get more support.

          1. “Another failed liberal; experiment”

            You’re dancing just the way our “leaders” on both sides of the aisle have trained you to do. Yeah, one side does it right, and the other side does it wrong.

            Gosh, how simple!!!


          2. You’re dancing just the way our “leaders” on both sides of the aisle have trained you to do.

            So says the person who presumes to speak for “John Q.”

            So apparently, when the “dance” results in John Q “buying the rap about renewables,” that’s a good thing. Otherwise, poor John is just a dancing fool.

            Dance on, John Q.

          3. Actually, I never said “thats a good thing”, Brian. Nor do I think so. But hey, I can see how you would think so, living in your tightly focused tunnel. Essential that you hang a label on people, eh? Saves the trouble of actually having to think about the issue at hand.

            I wonder, just what side of the aisle do you think the politicians that enabled the largest pellet plant in NC to be built in s “light industry” zone by changing the zoning to “heavy industry”. And we all know just how concerned about our forests the right is, eh? I mean gee, why else would they be selling off our federal lands to foreign investers and corporations.

            Think, man. You might find it enlightening. Or not.

          4. POA – Labels? I’m not the one going around calling people “John Q.” That’s your term, and I thought I was being helpful by borrowing it.

  3. Dr. Klein is one of our top nuclear leaders. Glad he is supporting this meeting. Safe travels to Texas.

  4. Seeing as Dr. Klein is working in Austin (I assume) perhaps he could have a talk with the Austin City Council about their predecessors’ insane energy policies. We’re paying $110 million per year to a “bio-fuel” (wood burning) generator for “availability”. If we actually buy any electricity from them, which we have not and will not (too expensive ~.17/KWHr) it will be even more money.

    Yet the previous City Council claimed our rates were going up because it “has been a long time since Austin Energy had a rate hike”. Never mind the $100 million a year going down the toilet.

    Then there’s the part where the Austin Energy newsletter claims that subscribers to “Green Choice” (the wind energy program) get 100% of their electricity from wind. They don’t even have the decency to include the word “averaged” before the word ‘electricity’. The rest of us get stuck with paying for the increase in spot market purchases to balance the unreliable wind energy.

    Every single source of electricity purchased in the last eight years has been more expensive than the consultant predicted electricity from an STNP expansion would be.

    The current head of Austin energy is a Californian anti-nuclear activist. Not an energy expert, and he needs to be fired.

    Whew. I guess I should send that to the new City Council, not post it here. But if you feel like bending Klein’s ear about Austin, there are some talking points. Might want to tone them down a bit….

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