Shown are about 1/2 of the NRC staff members who were sworn in as potential witnesses during the North Anna Unit 3 COL hearing. Chairman Svinicki is administering the oath.


  1. Rod,

    A while ago I heard (on this website I believe, but I could be mistaken) that Dominion would not make any new major capitol investments until Cove Point is operational (which is not too far in the future). Have you heard any rumblings to that point? Perhaps it all comes down to how much power does Dominion think it needs to be able to provide and when does it need it?

    1. @RTK42C

      Here is the most recent information I can quickly find about the status of Cove Point. It comes from a financial statement issued after the end of 2016.

      “Our Cove Point Liquefaction project made significant progress this year. It is now 84 percent complete and is on time, with an expected in-service date in late 2017.”

      I have not heard any updates to the information that I published here a while ago indicating that NA3 would have to wait until after Cove Point was completed before the board would consider another large capital project.

      1. From what I’ve read, that facility is mainly for export. That could cause the price of natural gas to skyrocket. Part of our strategy to wean europe of of Russian NG. Could definitely help NuScale.

        1. @FermiAged

          The project that Dominion is completing is solely for exporting natural gas. It is a liquifaction train that compresses and cools natural gas supplied by domestic wells and pipelines so that it can be loaded onto ships and sent to markets willing to pay prices high enough to cover the processing and transportation costs plus a profit for the facilities and ships.

          It will absolutely help domestic nuclear energy production. Said another way, expanding domestic nuclear energy production is the best way to ensure the sustainability of LNG export facilities. If we burn more of our gas here, we will have a lot less to sell into higher priced, more strategically valuable markets.

          Our politicians and business leaders need to take some lessons from Russia, the UAE and Iran in terms of using nuclear energy at home to allow valuable hydrocarbon exports.

  2. I doubt that any state public service commission will ever again approve a large nuclear plant even if natural gas skyrockets in price. The utilities’ shareholders probably would revolt as well.

  3. Commander Adams,

    Being that Yucca Mountain is not yet in use as a long-term repository of radioactive waste, how does Dominion Resources plan to store additional waste from a new nuclear power station?

    David W. Robertson,
    Graduate, U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School, Class 8701

    1. Dominion will use the same storage systems in use today – used fuel pools and dry storage containers. Those are adequate for the life of the plant plus another 60 years. If there’s no permanent solution by then, inspect and replace containers as needed.

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